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Basketball Play - Kansas Zone Lob

Kansas Zone Lob

Wes Kosel 03/20/2015

Kansas ran this play in the second half against New Mexico State. The play uses a dribble entry from Mason (1) from left to right. The dribble pushes Oubre (3) to the corner and sends Seldon (2) into the lane and back out to the perimeter. Mason passes to Seldon shifting the defense towards the ball. Oubre sneaks in behind the defense as 4 and 5 screen the bottom zone defenders. In the game, Seldon made the lob pass to Oubre with Oubre missing the dunk, but a good idea by Bill Self. See More

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Basketball Play - Jayhawk Zone Cross

Jayhawk Zone Cross

Wes Kosel 03/20/2015

The Kansas Jayhawks used this play to start the game against New Mexico State's zone defense. The play starts with the Jayhawks in an overload on the right side of the floor. Mason (1) passes to Seldon (3) away from the overload. Ellis (4) moves towards Seldon as if he is going to set a screen. Instead, Seldon passes back to Mason and Lucas (5) screens the middle man of the zone. Ellis curls around the screen and gets the pass from Mason for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - BLOB Slip HI LO


Gibson Pyper 03/20/2015

Purdue runs a nice BLOB vs 2-3 zone. The initial action is not what gets a layup, its the combination of all 5 players moving at the same time. The keys to this set is 3 slipping into the middle of the zone after inbounding the ball and at the same time 5 slips his screen to look for the ball, with two wing players distracting the wing defenders, this action forces the zone to guard either the wings who can shoot it or the bigs inside. See More

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Basketball Play - VCU 5


Andrew Greer 03/19/2015

Shaka Smart used this spread look that he called "5" from the sidelines against Ohio State when they went to a 2-3 zone in the 2nd half have of their Round 2 matchup. At this point in the game VCU was playing with no true post against the OSU zone. Utilizing a high ball screen on the top of the zone, VCU was able to attack the middle with little resistance. When the guard stepped down to help Doug Brooks hit multiple 3's from the 2 position in the offense. Ohio State switched back to man after the barrage of Brooks 3's following middle penetration from VCU guards. See More

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Basketball Play - Xavier Stack Seal Sneak

Xavier Stack Seal Sneak

Randy Sherman 03/19/2015

Xavier scored on this play in the first half and came back to it on their first possession in the second half. Zone set play vs. 2-3. Best shooter is in the dead corner forcing X4 to closeout. On the pass from 1 to 2: 3 crosses lane and seals X3 4 post hard to occupy X5 5 sneaks behind zone for easy catch and score. See More

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Basketball Play - BYU 1-3-1 Quick Hitter

BYU 1-3-1 Quick Hitter

Craig LeVasseur 03/18/2015

Here is a quick hitter that BYU used in their NCAA First Round matchup with Ole Miss to get an easy midrange jumper for Haws, one of their best shooters. Against a 2-guard front, the Ole Miss 1-3-1 zone mimics a 2-3 zone. Here the 4 man passes and cuts hard to the block off of the screen from the 5 man. This forces x5 to pick up the cut to the post. The 5 man turns and sets a quick downscreen for the 1, who flashes to the free throw line. This quick action creates confusion between x4 and x2 and results in an easy look for a great shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - RMU 2-3 Split Set

RMU 2-3 Split Set

Kevin Bruinsma 03/11/2015

Robert Morris just won the NEC Championship and a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Back on December 2, 2014 we made the short 50 minute drive to RMU to play at the Sewell Center. We ended up winning the game by a score of 89-81 after one of the most offensive efficient first halves of basketball i’ve ever seen as both teams shot over 62% from the field. The second half we went to more zone in attempt to slow them down, and it worked. One of their counters to our 2-3 zone defense was to screen in the top defenders of the zone allowing their guard to split the defense and get in the middle of the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC Lob Play

UNC Lob Play

Adam Spinella 02/19/2015

Today's Play of the Day is one of the classic lob plays against a zone. Run by great programs like Cincinnati and North Carolina time and time again, the offense lulls the zone to sleep with perimeter passing, then strikes for a lob with two back screens on the bottom of the zone. That frees up the lob on the opposite side, and a well-thrown pass will break down the zone. See More

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Basketball Play - Jet


Andrew Lacey 02/17/2015

Late game situations are becoming more important as the talent gap in all levels get closer. Here is a set that we used when I was at Pinecrest that allowed us to bring our shooter from the weak side to the strong side as the defense defended the drive. You can easily put your number 1 scoring option in the 3 spot as an adjustment. See More

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Basketball Play - YSU vs UWGB 3-2 Zone D

YSU vs UWGB 3-2 Zone D

Kevin Bruinsma 02/14/2015

The turning point of our game on Wednesday Vs. Green Bay was when Green Bay went to their 3-2 zone defense. This is their defense they go to when they need to change momentum or they are on the ropes. Unfortunately for us down the stretch it did just that and they were able to come back and win the game. They attempted to go to it earlier in the second half and we had a set play ready for it. We executed it really well and got an open 3-pointer for our best shooter. Because of our preparation and execution we were able to pull them out of the 3-2 early in the second half. The play design gave our PG a screen forcing the corner guy of the zone to rotate up and play the ball. That then forced Green Bay's center to sprint out to the corner to guard our best shooter. We created a mis-match. See More

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Basketball Play - 54 Gap Double

54 Gap Double

Kyle Gilreath 02/12/2015

The UCONN Huskies ran this play in the 2014 National Championship game. As 1 came off the initial pick, X2 picked him forcing the pass to 2. Immediately 4 picks X2 and attacks X4 for a simple 2-man game on the wing. With 5 rolling after the initial pick X5 should be somewhat occupied in the event 2 turns the corner and attacks. To see EVERY play UCONN ran in the 2014 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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Basketball Play - 5-Out Zone Continuity Offense ("cutters")

5-Out Zone Continuity Offense ("cutters")

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

This is a simple five-out zone continutiy offense vs. 2-3 zone. It is designed to involve all players in short corner, high post. Good for a team with interchangable parts. Rules: After you pass from point to wing you flare away When the ball is passed from point to wing the player in the opposite corner flashes If the ball is on the wing, the weakside wing cuts to short corner and holds there so long as the ball remains on the wing. When the ball is at the point, the team is five-out Action repeats with every ball reversal! See More

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