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Basketball Play - Filling The Gaps

Filling The Gaps

Randy Sherman 11/20/2015

Filling The Gaps One of the first steps in attacking zone defenses is selecting an alignment. Teach players to arrive at this by showing players where the gaps are in different zones. Below are various alignments against common zone defenses. More Info: Effective Zone Offense Principles See More

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Basketball Play - Zone/Man High Flex Single

Zone/Man High Flex Single

Wes Kosel 09/15/2015

This play can be used as a man or zone set. We saw this used against our zone defense this past season. The play starts with 1 passing to 5 then cutting off of a screen from 3 in the lane. 3 leaves the wing by rubbing off of a screen from 2. 5 passes to 2, then screens down for 3. The hope is that against a zone defense the top zone defender is preoccupied with 2 leaving a two on one situation at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - Zone 1-4 High Drag Flare

Zone 1-4 High Drag Flare

Wes Kosel 08/29/2015

1 passes to 2 on the wing and 5 moves to the strong-side block and 4 moves to the corner. 2 passes back to 1 and 1 dribbles left pulling 5 from the block out to the perimeter. 1 passes to 5. While this is happening, 4 sets a flare-screen for 2 on the bottom outside zone defender. 2 slides to the corner for a 3-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Triangle and 2 Quick Hitter  "Under

Triangle and 2 Quick Hitter "Under

Rory Hamilton 08/02/2015

"Under" looks to give you several different scoring options out of one play against a triange and 2 defense. The initial alignment is a 1-4 high with one of your guarded players at the point and the other at either the left or right-wing. The play starts with a pass to the high post player on the same sided as the other player being guarded man to man. The post catches and faces while strong side elbow and wing player set a double flare screen for the point guard for a potential quick shot. If the shot is not there the 3 player flashes to the block for potential low post pass if bottom triangle defender comes out. The 5 player then sprints to the wing for a PNR while the 2 and 4 player set a weak side double screen for the 3 man. The point guard comes off the PNR and looks to score, hit the post rolling or 3 player along the baseline. Once the 3 player catches along the baseline, the 4 man slides to mid post and the 2 man continues cut and sets a screen on the bottom defender bringing the 5 man right "under" the basket for a score. See More

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Basketball Play - Gut


Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

The play starts by the point guard passing a guard on the right-wing. The guarded player then goes to opposite elbow area while a pass to the corner is designed to bring the bottom player of the zone out away from the block. After passing to the corner the guard cuts hard looking for a quick give and go and one the point guards catch screens the weak side of the zone bringing the 4 man right into the gut of the zone for a quick pass. After setting a screen the guard will then receive a screen by the post player creating some misdirection and difficulty for the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Fist versus Diamond or 1-3 (Part 1)

Fist versus Diamond or 1-3 (Part 1)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

Your point guard needs to initiate the action by dribbling opposite your guarded player setting up a side ball screen with your low posted player. Your other players unguarded players ( 4 and 2 ) fill the ball side corner and weak side slot area. Most zones go under ball screens, so as th point guard comes off ball screen she should immediately look to penetrate elbow are for a shot. If the defender goes under the ball screen we teach our post player to "bury" the defender by performing a reverse pivot and sealing off defender and allowing the point guard to attack elbow area for a shot, pitch ahead, or a pitch back. See More

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Basketball Play - 3-low vs. Box 1 or Diamond 1 (Guarded Player Baseline Runner)

3-low vs. Box 1 or Diamond 1 (Guarded Player Baseline Runner)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

In this version of "3-low", we are using our two post players along the baseline as screeners and sealers and our top two guards as gappers. The two top guards are to play in gaps and be ready to penetrate and pitch against the one guard front. They are also trying to read the defense as our guarded player comes off of baseline screening actions. This play has the same action upon a baseline catch in that the strong side post player immediately screens away for the weak side post player. If a star player catches in the corner, the ball side post can also set a ball screen for the guarded player. This puts the defense in a vulnerable position and forces help from the zone players. As you can see in the diagram, the player has multiple reads off the ball screen (shot, roll man, reverse). My favorite part of this action is that you are engaging multiple defenders thus creating action and indecision by the defense. See More

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