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Basketball Play - Zalgiris Kaunas - Iverson UCLA Chicago

Zalgiris Kaunas - Iverson UCLA Chicago

Sergey Tkachenko 04/28/2018

An interesting counter to BCZK's original Iverson Guard Post Series. In this set, instead of receiving the ball in the post, 1 uses 2's pindown screen right into a DHO with 5. This action is extremely difficult for x1 to defend and puts pressure on the entire defense to help out, opening up several options. Blog Breakdown: Zalgiris Kaunas - Iverson Series See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Bruins - Iverson Wiper

UCLA Bruins - Iverson Wiper

Zachary Weir 11/12/2020

UCLA runs a nice quick hitting misdirection set to get one their best offensive players a shot. They use an Iverson cut by the point guard followed by a quick drive and a wiper screen by the big with Kyman coming back to the ball. Jake Kyman produced a 1.07 PPP which was the leader on his team in the 19-20 season, which put him in the 93% percentile overall according to Synergy. #Top25XsOs: Honorable Mention Teams | Teams 25-21 | Teams 20-16 | Teams 15-11 | Teams 10-6 | Teams 5-1 *New customers use discount code SAVE10 at purchase* See More

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