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Basketball Play - Transition Track Down:

Transition Track Down:

FastModel Sports 04/15/2015

Place a cone at the feet throw line extended at the opposite end of the court. The offense can’t cut in towards the basket until after they reach that cone, which allows the defense a bit more time to catch up and avoids collisions at mid court. The defensive player works to track down the offensive player and make a play on the ball. It is important that players do not get out of control during this drill, and that they never hit one of their teammates while in the air...we don’t want anyone getting injured. Instead, the defender needs to work on doing one of the following: sprinting in front of the offensive player; knocking the ball out from behind; blocking the shot from behind; or catching up completely and working to stop further penetration. (Note: while this is primarily a defensive drill, it is also a great way for your players to learn to finish with pressure and/or small contact on the offensive side of the ball.) See More

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Basketball Play - Transition Build Up

Transition Build Up

FastModel Sports 03/03/2015

Practicing transition offense and defense by nature creates a conditioning drill, but combining that with a 20 second shot clock (which can be lowered as your team gets in better shape and more comfortable with this drill) produces major back and forth action and gets your team running while also working on fundamental skills…and it’s fun too! See More

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Basketball Play - OSU Transition / Diamond Set

OSU Transition / Diamond Set

Dana Beszczynski 05/30/2014

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were one of the most talked about Division I teams at the beginning of the season for their strong start. Near the end of the season, they were once again talked about, for all the wrong reasons. Despite these setbacks, the Cowboys had one of the most talked about players in the game this season Marcus Smart and extremely athletic guard Markel Brown. This Transition Set runs right into a simple Diamond play and with the utilization of screens & player movement, the Cowboys finally get the ball into the hands of their prolific scorer Smart who sets up Murphy at the end of the play. See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona Transition Stagger

Arizona Transition Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 03/08/2014

The Wildcats have a number of sets which they run very effectively to get open shots for their players in spots on the floor where they can do the most damage. This is an easy play to install at any level whereby the use of the double stagger screening action free's up either your 1 or 2 man for an open shot or gives you the opportunity to dump the ball into your 5 man. Sean Miller is a very good recruiter, but often does get enough credit for his tactician abilities. See More

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Basketball Play - Transition Offense

Transition Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/24/2014

The Bruins of Belmont have a line-up which is extremely hard to guard. With dangerous weapons on the perimeter, guarding them requires a lot of planning and a good strategy. This set shows a lot of movement and if the defense switches the FT line screen, it sets up an open 3 pt shot, inside pass or open side penetration depending on who's handling the ball. In this situation, Windler the leading 3 pt shooter in the Conference gets a wide open shot made possible by the quick passing of the Bruins in their half court offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Syracuse Transition Stagger Action

Syracuse Transition Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/02/2014

Head Coach Jim Boeheim has once again shown what a masterful Coach he is turning this year's Orange into the 2nd ranked team in the nation with an undefeated record. The Orange have made a smooth transition to the ACC and sit atop the standings with a big showdown against Duke looming this Saturday in the Dome where over 34,000 tickets have been sold. This Transition Stagger action is a good way to get a shooter off early in the offense if the defense sits back and relaxes. The play can also end in a post entry pass. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Dana Beszczynski 01/24/2014

John Calipari has proven too be a master at running sets for his players to get the best shots in the best positions on the floor. This easy to run Transition Set utilizes the elbow screen to free up the trailing post for an open ball side cut and possible quick pass. When the quick pass isn't there, on ball reversal, the Wildcats revert back to their DDM Offense with the 3 Side Middle Penetration looking to Rack It! See More

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Basketball Play - 5 on 4 to 5 on 5 Transition

5 on 4 to 5 on 5 Transition

Kyle Gilreath 12/30/2013

This is another drill that I got from watching Bellarmine University practice last week. This is a great drill because it not only works on scramble situations having 4 players defend 5 in the half-court, but it also forces the offense (new defense) to sprint back after change of possession to prevent any easy lay-ups. After making your one transition stop after a made shot or the defense secures the rebound and repeat the drill the other way. Make sure you switch the offense and defensive teams who must scramble each time and rotate the players that are back. Do this drill for time or until a team reaches a pre-set point total. See More

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Basketball Play - Wisconsin Transition Post

Wisconsin Transition Post

Dana Beszczynski 11/16/2013

Bo RyanÄs Badgers ran this play out of Transition Good set with a lot of initial movement Cross screen in the lane free's the possible post entry pass from the wing and then the screen-the-screener action gives the possibility for an open jump shot at the top of the key The Badgers are a team with very good 3 pt shooters and their plays utilize such good spacing and screening actions that they get good looks See More

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