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Basketball Play - Las Vegas Aces - Brush UCLA ATO

Las Vegas Aces - Brush UCLA ATO

Aseem Rastogi 04/16/2019

The Aces pull this rabbit out of the hat to open the quarter and give a completely different look than their base offenses. There are multiple scoring options here including a flare skip, a 1 on 1 at the elbow, or an empty corner drive if the UCLA cut and pass is not there. Blog Series: Las Vegas Aces XsOs: Part 1 - Quick HItters and ATO's Part 2 - Baseline Double Cross Part 3 - Pinch Post Actions Part 4 - BLOBs and SLOBs See More

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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Swirl

Toronto Raptors - Swirl

Cooper Smither 04/10/2019

The play, which can be initiated from SLOB (Sideline out of Bounds) scenarios or a normal half-court possession, is a set that involves a lot of player and ball movement around a post up. Nick Nurse has utilized it quite often to leverage the playmaking abilities of his players that feel comfortable making plays out of the post. Specifically, Marc Gasol and Pascal Siakam are usually the main decision makers as the remaining off-ball Raptors screen and cut for one another ot occupy the defense's attention. See More

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Basketball Play - Thunder


Randall Edens 03/16/2014

Here's a set we have gotten a lot of mileage out of and run for different players, from different positions where we feel we have advantages and on both sides of the floor. Furthermore, it can get 3 great looks at any point in the game based on what you are looking for with regards to situation and score. Can also adapt slightly and run as a Zipper Set SLOB and net the same looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs Crunch SOB

Spurs Crunch SOB

Daniel Murphy 01/08/2014

Down 3 to the Knicks with 37 seconds left, Coach Pop drew this slob play up to get the hot hand, Belinelli, a great look at a 3 to tie the game. Although the concept of the play is great, screening a man into a screen, the Spurs really executed, setting up their cuts and low wide physical screens. See More

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