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Basketball Play - Laker Wall SLOB

Laker Wall SLOB

Wes Kosel 07/20/2015

2 throws the ball into 1 cutting up from the block outside the perimeter. Once 2 has the ball, 2, 4, and 5 move together to form a wall. 3 steps up to the left elbow and posts up. 1 passes to 3 then floats to the left wing. 5 cuts to the opposite block, 2 steps out, and 4 cuts straight to the ball looking for a shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Lebron Miami Heat SLOB

Lebron Miami Heat SLOB

Wes Kosel 07/18/2015

Allen throws the ball into James as James steps out from the elbow. The first option is to pass to Wade cutting off of a back-screen from Bosh. Another option is for Wade to flare the screen and have Bosh step back to the ball for the pass from James. If Bosh gets the ball, he can play a 2-man game with Wade on the right side of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Tulsa SLOB Line

Tulsa SLOB Line

Wes Kosel 05/11/2015

2 starts with the ball out-of-bounds and 1 cuts up the lane line to get the ball. 1 dribbles right as 2 cuts off of screens from 5 and 4. 1 passes to 4 then moves to the opposite wing. 2 gets a ball-screen from 4 and attacks middle. See More

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