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Basketball Play - Las Vegas Aces - Pinch Post Series | Rip Screen Entry

Las Vegas Aces - Pinch Post Series | Rip Screen Entry

Aseem Rastogi 04/17/2019

One of the Aces' go to sets, this pinch post series begins with a rip screen to get clean catches for players ready to attack. All the action goes to the rim with limited options or need for shooting long jumpers. Use this set to isolate a player who can face up and attack from 15 feet, your best shooter setting screens and popping, and your best slashers getting to the rim off handoffs and ball screens. Blog Series: Las Vegas Aces XsOs: Part 1 - Quick HItters and ATO's Part 2 - Baseline Double Cross Part 3 - Pinch Post Actions Part 4 - BLOBs and SLOBs See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Pack Line Defense Concepts

Virginia Cavaliers - Pack Line Defense Concepts

Matt Barnthouse 04/02/2019

Information taken from YouTube video by Coachbase. This is the famous "Pack Line Defense" that Virginia uses to suffocate their opponents. The concepts are pretty simple: Never let the offense inside of the "post box," and never allow dribble penetration. Basically, if a team is to beat a well-disciplined Pack Line Defense, they're going to have to do it from the perimeter. The basic concept is that the ball handler faces pressure from his man, and everybody else is in "help," preventing dribble penetration. The exception to this is when a player is cutting off ball in the post area. Then the defender "attaches" to the cutter (once again trying to prevent post opportunities), only to release when the player goes back out to perimeter. Things to note: - Virginia in particular hard hedges and switches on every ball screen. This only works if you have defenders that can guard multiple positions, otherwise the offense has a mismatch to attack! - This offense is designed to allow the three-point shot, so a terrific three-point shooting team could beat this style of defense. Closeouts are SO IMPORTANT to make this defense work, otherwise perimeter-focused teams will drain shots all day. - NEVER LET THE BALL ENTER THE LOW POST. If it does, you double team immediately, and force a pass back to perimeter. - Once again, because this defense involves very aggressive help, it also involves a lot of closeouts. Having personnel with great length and foot speed is advantageous for this kind of defense. - An undisciplined version of this defense that gives up possessions in the "post box" is susceptible to giving up easy buckets. - It is important to "move on flight" of the ball when in help. If you wait until ball is in hands of offensive player, it is too late. Once again, anticipate and CLOSE. OUT. Click here for more Pack Line content on the FMS blog! See More

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Basketball Play - Perth Wildcats - Flex Punch Stagger

Perth Wildcats - Flex Punch Stagger

Sergey Tkachenko 02/17/2019

Blog Post: Shooting Drills for Flex Offense ð??? post by @seregatka4 for FMS! ð??? Perth Wildcats - Developing a Series Around Flex Action ð??? ð??¦ð??º See how the #1 Australian team shreds defenses with creative counters off this classic cut, w/ video + diagrams!#Perth #PerthWildcats #RedArmy #NBL #NBL19 — FastModel Sports® ð???ð??» (@FastModel) February 25, 2019 See More

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Basketball Play - Igor Milicic - Horns Wall Ball

Igor Milicic - Horns Wall Ball

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 02/12/2019

Very creative set by Anwil Head Coach Igor Milicic. This set worked because Anwil have a shooting 5 and a size advantage at the 1. This set is designed to look like a traditional Horns Side action and is to be used against teams that stunt, trap off the ball or show on the down screen - any coverage that enables the PG to get his defender in his back. See video below for evidence of it working successfully! See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa Hawkeys - Double Stack Flex

Iowa Hawkeys - Double Stack Flex

null null 01/10/2019

A creative flex action used by Iowa head coach Fran McCaffrey. This play starts in a low double stack. This action is difficult to guard because x1 will tend to relax once he gets through the false back screen. As 1 comes off the back screen, he is immeditatley setting a flex screen for 2. This limits the time that x1 has to see the action develop. More: Shooting Drills that Enhance Your Flex Offense See More

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