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Basketball Play - Center Trip HO

Center Trip HO

Adam Spinella 08/03/2013

Center Trip DHO is a play used by Mike Woodson and the New York Knicks to get either Raymond Felton attacking the rim or Tyson Chandler open on a lob. The Knicks use the extra attention given by defenses to Carmelo Anthony as a decoy, and the valuable shooting skills of J.R. Smith and Steve Novak as an opportunity to space the floor on one side of the court. See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/03/2013

Stagger screen for either of your best shooters. If 5 man helps too much on the screen, make sure to look inside for the slip instead of screen and space. In frame 3 you can see the spacing and how 5, 3 and 1 spread the floor. If you have more coaches you can have 3 take the shot off the curl and have a coach make two passes to 1 or add another coach and have one coach pass to 1 and another coach pass to 2. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA


Dana Beszczynski 08/02/2013

High Elbow Flash Action In this play Cameron Dollar hits Ed O'Bannon flashing to the ballside elbow to initiate the offense High Elbow Flash Action Toby Bailey cut backdoor staying wide looking for the pass from E. O'Bannon As Bailey is cutting to the basket: Cameron Dollar who took over for the injured Tyus Edney makes a direct cut to the basket and receives the pass from E. O'Bannon for his shot attempt The 5 man Georg Zidek did a good job stepping out giving space for the cut UCLA Curl Cut Action In this set, Toby Bailey ran the PG position Cameron Dollar (1) gets a backscreen from E. O'Bannon looking for a quick hit backdoor Charles O'Bannon (3) and Georg Zidek (5) exchange positions setting up the next action in this set UCLA Curl Cut Action Cameron Dollar (1) then sets a backscreen for E. O'Bannon who was wide open under the basket On the opposite side: Georg Zidek (5) set a downscreen for C. O'Bannon (3) who curled the cut as his defender was trailing Bailey chose to hit C. O'Bannon here, but this is a real good set to catch the defense in a "switching" situation See More

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Basketball Play - Loop 2 & Shooting Breakdown

Loop 2 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/02/2013

Simple entry into a side ball screen. If you are fortunate enough to have some assistant coaches or managers and can have them pass, then you can run through your offense and get game spot shots at the same time. Be creative and I'm sure you can find a way to make a shooting drill out of your 5-0 offense. This will save you time and get players realistic shots within the offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Trickle (1-4 High)

Trickle (1-4 High)

Adam Spinella 08/01/2013

Too often, 1-4 High offenses neglect post players because they're designed to accentuate the perimeter scorers - getting baskets for your post men is just as important, if not more important, when your normal motion sets don't accentuate it. Trickle is a play designed to get one of the post players a quick opportunity for a layup or post move. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop 2 Chase & Shooting Breakdown

Loop 2 Chase & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 07/31/2013

Counter to Loop 2, sets up a middle ball screen. If 1 can't pass to 2 on the wing, 2 drifts to the corner and 5 ball screens 1. After 1 throws back to 5 on the pick and pop, 5 can shoot, dribble hand off with 2, pass to 2 and follow for the corner pick and roll, or drive at 2's defender to draw the help and kick out for an open 3. Coaches can pass to make this a 5-0 offensive drill in addition to a game spot shooting drill. See More

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Basketball Play - Dive Double Spin

Dive Double Spin

Adam Spinella 07/31/2013

Dive Double Spin is a very precise and complex way to get a backdoor opportunity. While it may be just a bit too complex to run at a high school level, its level of success at the collegiate level was astounding. At the University of Indiana, Kelvin Sampson used this play to get his best finishers an opportunity at the rim without challenge. See More

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