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Basketball Play - Texas Tech Red Raiders - Runner

Texas Tech Red Raiders - Runner

Matt Wheeler 04/08/2019

Texas Tech runs this play to get the ball to their star player Jarrett Culver (3). The Red Raiders will run him off of baseline screens to get him open for a shot on either side of the floor. If he can't get open on the baseline 3 will cut up top for the pass. They will then go back to their motion principles with 4 & 5 will setting flare screens for the guards. 3 can read the play and make the pass to either cutter or screener. If the ball goes to 4 or 5 they will then go into a side pick and roll. Blog Post: Texas Tech Defense Puts Opponents on Red Alert See More

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Basketball Play - Fenerbahce - Choice Flare BLOB

Fenerbahce - Choice Flare BLOB

Kostas Kalogeropoulos 02/23/2019

Fenerbahce's head coach Zeljko Obradovic ran this BLOB play vs Baskonia, during a Euroleague game for the 2018-19 season. A simple yet effective way to get the ball to the point guard out of an angled choice set, an then a flare screen for a shooter is set. See video below! More Euroleague team content: Olimpia Milano Pick and Roll Actions Zalgiris Kaunas ATO + EOG Series Real Madrid Pin Down Sets See More

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Basketball Play - LA Lakers - ICE Defense 3-on-3 Drill

LA Lakers - ICE Defense 3-on-3 Drill

Ryan Nguyen 08/18/2018

Continuity defensive drill from Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers from their 2016 Training Camp. This drill works on side pick and roll defense where the defense looks to Ice/Blue/Push/Down, depending on your terminology. The on ball defender adjusts their stance to be on the top of hip of the ball handler. Goal is to prevent the ball handler from using the ball screen to get to the middle, keeping the ball on the sideline/baseline on the pass and follow action. On the throwback to the screener, the on ball defender works for a lock and trail. See video below diagram for more. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Wrap Dayton

Horns Wrap Dayton

Evan Orzolek 08/01/2017

Creative horns set from George Washington that includes a DHO into the spread pick and roll. If 5 were to receive the entry pass in the horns set, 5 would roll after handing the ball off to 1 and 4 would then set the middle ball screen and pop out. Ball can be entered to either the 4 or the 5. See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch STS

Pitch STS

Evan Orzolek 07/20/2017

Screen the screener set by Brose Bamberg. Important to have the timing down of the cross screen and the pitch back to 1. Flows into spread pick and roll if there is no initial scoring opportunity presented with the screen the screener action. See More

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