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Basketball Play - UAB Blazer Box

UAB Blazer Box

Wes Kosel 03/19/2015

At the 5:40 mark in the first half, UAB ran this box set play. The Blazers were very patient and worked through multiple options before getting an open shot on the dribble hand-off at the end of the play. UAB missed the shot but got an offensive rebound. Slowing the game down and working through offensive options looks to be a good strategy for Coach Haase. This slows down Iowa State and can get the Cyclones into foul trouble if they are lazy on defense. See More

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Basketball Play - RMU 2-3 Split Set

RMU 2-3 Split Set

Kevin Bruinsma 03/11/2015

Robert Morris just won the NEC Championship and a spot in the NCAA Tournament. Back on December 2, 2014 we made the short 50 minute drive to RMU to play at the Sewell Center. We ended up winning the game by a score of 89-81 after one of the most offensive efficient first halves of basketball i’ve ever seen as both teams shot over 62% from the field. The second half we went to more zone in attempt to slow them down, and it worked. One of their counters to our 2-3 zone defense was to screen in the top defenders of the zone allowing their guard to split the defense and get in the middle of the lane. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Flex & Flare (Double Away)

Randy Sherman 02/26/2015

A way to get more double screens and flare screens into a flex-style continuity offense. Passes trigger actions by following these rules: Rule: Any pass from high elbow to wing triggers a double screen away! Rule: Any pass from wing to high elbow triggers a weakside flare screen! Rule: Any high elbow to high elbow pass triggers the flex & flare action! ANYTIME you set a backscreen for a flex cutter, you immediately arc wide and flare screen for the high elbow See More

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Basketball Play - Wizards Slip Pin

Wizards Slip Pin

Adam Spinella 02/25/2015

Increasingly at the collegiate and even high school levels, teams are running ball screen sets. As the postseason nears and high level teams remain, offenses must be prepared for all different styles of defensive play. Some nuanced defensive teams will throw a counter to good ball screen offenses – known as icing. Icing a ball screen occurs on side ball screens, where the man guarding the ball squares his shoulders to the sideline and does not let the ball go middle. The man guarding the screener does not hedge the screen, instead being ready to contain the ball as it gets driven towards the baseline. He contains, the original defender recovers and the man guarding the screener is in position to take away any rolls to the rim. The most obvious counter to icing a ball screen is hitting the pick-and-pop game, since coverage on the screener is non-existent at the moment the ball gets driven baseline. After that, teams adjust to set alley screens which lead the ball handler to the baseline. However, coaches of ball screen-heavy offenses may consider putting in a counter during the postseason. If your side ball screen set usually happens with a filled corner on the side of the screen, this play is a good way to put the pressure on the defense to decide how much they value defending your shooters. See More

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Basketball Play - Fred Hoiberg Iowa State Set Play:  2-3 High Ball-Screen #2

Fred Hoiberg Iowa State Set Play: 2-3 High Ball-Screen #2

Scott Peterman 02/22/2015

Fred Hoiberg has turned Iowa State into a fast-paced offensive machine, akin to the Warriors in the NBA. The Iowa State Cyclones offense is predicated upon fast tempo, unselfish ball movement, three-point shooting, and positional versatility., Hoiberg’s squad sits at 11th in the nation in scoring offense and 11th in field goal percentage. According to Ken Pomeroy, Iowa State plays at the 13th fastest pace in the country and ranks eighth in the nation in offensive efficiency. The efficiency stems from the infectious ball movement instilled by Hoiberg, reflected by the team’s second best assist per game average in the country. When the Cyclones click on all cylinders, they look like a team destined for a deep run in March. If you are interested in seeing more of Coach Fred Hoiberg's Offense then check out our website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Fred Hoiberg Set Play;  3 Guard Screen the Screener

Fred Hoiberg Set Play; 3 Guard Screen the Screener

Scott Peterman 02/21/2015

Iowa State Head Coach Fred Hoiberg likes to use plays that create multiple scoring options at the rim and from the 3-point range. This 3 Guard Screen the Screener play is exactly what I am talking about. Fred Hoiberg has always stressed proper spacing as a key component for offensive efficiency. Since he took over the reins of the Iowa State program in 2010-2011. ISU's offense have evolved around outstanding shooters who space the floor and make the extra pass to find the open man. If you liked this Fred Hoiberg Set Play then you need to check out more of his plays on our website. Just click the link: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Pass Reversal Option

Pass Reversal Option

Randy Sherman 01/20/2015

The Oklahoma Sooners have one of the best transition attacks in college basketball. They often attack out of their primary break with either drives or threes. In their secondary action Oklahoma at times uses a pass to the trailing post as one of their options. That triggers this handoff into a baseline stagger. See More

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Basketball Play - Tug Motion

Tug Motion

Justin Scanson 12/31/2014

The key to this zone offense is to get your baseline runner to buy in to the idea of crossing the lane on high post entry. I hope you like it and I hope that teams don't immediately change to man defense when you start getting layups! See More

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Basketball Play - 15 Low

15 Low

Kyle Gilreath 06/09/2014

Early in Game 2 of the 2014 NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs ran this pick & roll action which ended with a hi-low feed from Splitter to Duncan. Spacing the floor with 2 (Parker) and 3 (Green) prevented the defense from shading to the ball side in order to alter a easy catch & shoot from the perimeter. See More

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Basketball Play - Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Michigan Triangle Ball Screen

Trevor Daugherty 04/07/2014

Michigan ran this triangle set often during NCAA Tournament, particularly early in games. The motion creates a lot of movement, and ends with the ball in your best player's hands. The ball screen typically involved Stauskas (2) and Morgan (5). Because of the attention Stauskas gets, it often resulted in an open lane for Morgan to slip, because of the spacing it is difficult for the defense to leave good shooters. See More

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Basketball Play - Stack Thru

Stack Thru

Kyle Gilreath 03/21/2014

While Florida struggled throughout the game to knock down shots from the outside, the Gators dominated the paint from start to finish vs Albany. What makes this play hard to guard is by sending 1 through to the corner, the defense must send X4 down to the corner, making it a 2 on 1 vs X5 in the paint. See More

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