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Basketball Play - Flex - Spain Option

Flex - Spain Option

Diccon Lloyd-Smeath 05/21/2020

RETAbet Bilbao coach Alex Mumbru runs some very efficient sideline OOB actions. Their main set is out of a "Flex" entry. This play is the "Spain" pick-and-roll option out of the Flex entry. If you have a solid decision-maker at the PG spot, great shooters and a solid-screening big, this is a great set with lots of movement and actions in a short space of time. See More

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Basketball Play - Triple/Double


Andrew Lacey 05/12/2020

Here is a nice 1-4 Low set that can be used as an ATO, late game or early offensive actions. This gives the offense multiple options versus pressure man or sagging man defensive schemes. It offers a quick ISO by the point and then it could end with a three from corner or post option of Hi/Lo for two. See More

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Basketball Play - North


Andrew Lacey 05/05/2020

Today's Fastdraw Play of Day is a sideline out of bounds set that can be used after a timeout and/or late game situation. It is a counter to the action called "Down". Use this counter action with timing to improve your late game execution. See More

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Basketball Play - Wheel Stagger Punch

Wheel Stagger Punch

Zachary Weir 02/27/2020

Wheel Stagger Punch is designed to use multiple actions that will cause multiple mismatch situations. Primary option being a double stagger screen to get a post up for a bigger guard. The guard posting will have the opportunity to score or facilitate out of the post. Great ATO set. See More

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