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Basketball Play - Power


Randy Brown 12/09/2014

This set leads into the Power continuity offense. Bigs pin down for 2-3 on block to free them on wings. Ball passed to 3, 1 down screens for 4. Pass reversed from 3-4 then 4-2, as 4 down screens for 5. Action continues until a good shot presents itself. See More

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Marc Skelton 12/01/2014

It was going to impossible for teams to stop Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. With the addition of Kevin Love the Cavs look to be the favorites in the Eastern Conference. Here is a play coach David Blatt ran in Israel. Coach Nick at BBALLBREAKDOWN called this "Flying Death Machine" See More

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Basketball Play - Hawk 42

Hawk 42

Kyle Gilreath 11/01/2014

Last night during LeBron James' homecoming, the Cleveland Cavaliers ran this action to start off their game vs the Knicks to kick off the 2014-15 season. Running LeBron to the weak side put more attention on the pin-down for 5 (Varejao) as the Knicks thought the action would be going to James' side of the floor. However, the Cavs sneaked in 4 (Love) behind the rim off a cross screen and was able to seal his defender for an easy catch and score. See More

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Basketball Play - Side T

Side T

Kyle Gilreath 10/02/2014

This sideline out of bounds play is one that Eddie Jordan ran while coaching the Washington Wizards. If you need a 3 pter, 2 and 1 are obviously your first options. However, if you just need a simple score, look to hit 5 flashing back to the ball. If 5 can really seal around the rim this is a great look if you have a skilled big. Furthermore, if 5 is forced to catch in the elbow area, another option could be 4 trying to go backdoor for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - New Zealand Slob

New Zealand Slob

Marc Skelton 09/11/2014

New Zealand used this sideline out of bounds against Team USA in pool play of the FIBA World Cup. This belongs in your coaches' toolbox especially If teams switch screens. This play creates a nice mismatch near the basket. The Kiwis posted up the power forward and Steph Curry was helpless. See More

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Basketball Play - HORNS HIGH LOW


Marc Skelton 08/24/2014

Team USA opens up the FIBA World Cup 2014 against Finland Sunday August 30th. Finland is currently ranked 39th in the world. However, they have been playing excellent basketball this summer. Here is an impressive High-Low play they executed out of a Horns set against Lithuania earlier this month. See More

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Basketball Play - Maccabi Tel Aviv FIST DOWN

Maccabi Tel Aviv FIST DOWN

Marc Skelton 08/15/2014

This Cleveland Cavaliers' coach David Blatt set is poetry. Everybody gets involved. The ball touches both sides of the floor- simutaneously breaking down the defense. What is great about this play is the backdoor cut is always open. Also, this is a fantastic offense to practice in the preseason. It will help your team read the defense a lot better and look for different ways to score. See More

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