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Basketball Play - Same


John Leonzo 04/19/2013

Here is a play that Mike D'Antoni ran often when he was with the suns. This play gives you a a good look at the 3, as well as some options to get the ball inside off of a ball reversal and a screen and roll. In addition to those options, this play provides great spacing for you to play out of if things break down. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix


John Leonzo 04/11/2013

Here is a quick hitter from a 1-4 high set that gives you some quality scoring options. This is a great set to run if you have a point guard who can shoot the 3 or if you want to isolate your 5 man on the block. See More

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Basketball Play - Quick Doubles

Quick Doubles

Kyle Gilreath 04/09/2013

After Syracuse's loss Saturday night to Michigan, I began brainstorming for some quick plays in a Need 3 situation. Almost everyone in basketball knows about America's play so I decided to draw an easy tweak to it. If there is enough time on the clock have 2 run off another stagger if needed. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing Dive Post Iso

Wing Dive Post Iso

Dana Beszczynski 04/04/2013

The Oregon Ducks were a #12 seed in the NCAA Tournament, but proved they belonged getting to the Sweet 16 before being knocked off by the Louisville Cardinals. Coach Dana Altman has the Ducks program heading in the right direction and this is a great isolation set used in their 3rd round game against St. Louis. The Ducks finished the season at 28-9. See More

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