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Basketball Play - Post Up: Overtime Hoops - Bonnies

Post Up: Overtime Hoops - Bonnies

Chris Passmore 02/21/2012

This Post Up is from our friend, Chris Passmore at Overtime Hoops ( Overtime is a great Professional Development Blog for coaches at all levels, and a must read for those serious about the coaching profession. Today, Overtime provides you with this half-court set designed to get your best shooter several opportunites for a great look. Add this to your FastDraw Libray by clicking the 'Send to FastDraw' button below the diagram! See More

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Basketball Play - X Passing Drill

X Passing Drill

Rory Hamilton 06/22/2018

X Passing is a drill we run to simulate several key components of our 4-Out 1 in man-to-man offense. In this drill we are working on the following key concepts: 1. Creating a lead on the wing. 2. Passing with the correct hand and communicating with our hands (break open to wing and show outside hand). 3. Establishing triple threat on a catch (rips and sweeps). 4. Post players posting above the block on the 1st hash. 5. Feeding the post with a bounce pass or overhead pass to their numbers. 6. Post players catching with 2 hands and 2 feet, then "chin and check middle.' 7. Last but definitely not least: communication. We call names on every pass, every time. Read more about this and other drills on the FMS Blog... Pre-Practice: Setting the Tone for Success See More

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