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Basketball Play - WSU Gut Action

WSU Gut Action

Kevin Bruinsma 02/20/2015

After we beat Wright State at their place this past Sunday they turned around and played Oakland at home on Wednesday. Their roster has been depleted due to injuries and it’s forced them to run different stuff offensively. Against us they ran a ton of movement based stuff where their wings curled off big screens and just played out of it. With Oakland coming up on our schedule, next week Wednesday I looked at that game to see how they attacked them with their limited line-up. Wright State has a freshmen #13 Benzinger that has really emerged during their latest stretch mainly because of how well he shoots the ball. Him and their post player #14 Karena are their two top players so putting them in action together makes it difficult to defend. You can see in the video those two essentially play a two man game in the middle of the floor. Wright State did a good job of moving the other players around on the floor so the help side defenders couldn’t get settled in and move into gaps. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC


Andrew Lacey 02/19/2015

One of the toughest actions to cover in high school basketball is staggered screens. In this 1-4 high set we set two different sets staggered screens looking for mismatches or defenders that trail our cutters. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Offense Breakdowns - 2/1 Downscreen

Motion Offense Breakdowns - 2/1 Downscreen

Randy Sherman 02/19/2015

This drill begins teaching cutters the reads needed to execute the four cuts of motion offense. Screener (1) begins with ball and passes to coach. Begin to add defense as a progression in motion offense breakdowns: Use a coach as a passer Only defend the wing (cutter) At first, tell defender how you want them to defend the downscreen. They can lock and trail, overplay high, go under (ballside) or get taken out by screen. Cutter gets the shot. Emphasize second cutting action by the screener in accordance with inside-outside principles. For the next progression, the drill should be run "live." Same drill except the defender can play the screen however. See More

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Basketball Play - "BLUE"


Randy Sherman 02/19/2015

Duke set they've been running since the Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Sheldon Williams, Jay Williams, JJ Redick days. Ran tonight vs. UNC. Look for lob after side is cleared out Then hi-lo action or a high ball screen looking to turn corner and draw defender. See More

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Basketball Play - Hook Back

Hook Back

Kyle Gilreath 02/18/2015

This past Summer at Coaching U Live in Indianapolis, Florida head coach Billy Donovan shared a play from his Hook series. Below are two options that put the defense in hard-to-guard situations. In Option 1, the backside is cleared out so if X5 does not help on the backscreen, 1 will get a lay-up. IF X5 does help, there will be no help on the pick & roll. Option 2 forces X5 to be late on the pick. IF X5 and X1 switch, lift 1 to the top after screening and roll 5 to the rim for a mis-match inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Jet


Andrew Lacey 02/17/2015

Late game situations are becoming more important as the talent gap in all levels get closer. Here is a set that we used when I was at Pinecrest that allowed us to bring our shooter from the weak side to the strong side as the defense defended the drive. You can easily put your number 1 scoring option in the 3 spot as an adjustment. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns 2/0 Shallow Cut Flare Drill

Motion Breakdowns 2/0 Shallow Cut Flare Drill

Randy Sherman 02/16/2015

Introduce flare screens by using a shallow cut. Line of players with a ball at the slot (screeners), Line of players at wing (cutters). Coach begins the drill with a ball as well. Work the drill on both sides of the court! Shallow Cut Tips: When dribbled at, the wing (player 2) back cuts towards the post then loops to the slot replacing player 1 Cut hard, hold for a count in the post, then sprint to slot Flare Screen Tips: Cutter: Quick basket cut then come off the flare screen Screener: Call the screen! ("Joey! Joey! Flare! Flare!") Screener: Jumpstop into the screen, screener's back should be pointing towards corner of the court, Hold the screen then slip to basket, call "slip! slip!" See More

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