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Basketball Play -  Last Second Shot

Last Second Shot

Greg White 04/27/2013

This is a late game situation we have used. I like it because you can install this and get either a 2pt or 3pt shot out of it. The PG attacks and makes a read as to where the ball should go or you can designate the pass based on your opponents defense. The option I like and use the most is the last option to the opposite corner for a 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Quick 2

Quick 2

Kyle Gilreath 04/25/2013

Wednesday night Kevin McHale drew up this quick action to get a score before heading into overtime of Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs versus the Oklahoma City Thunder. With the defense so consumed with Harden possibly coming back off another screen from Smith, they left Delfino wide open for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Hook in Special

Hook in Special

Randy Brown 04/15/2013

This play will free 4 man in the lane for a quick score. 1 dribbles out to wing and 2 uses 5 to get free for three. 4 screens across lane for 3. As screen is set, 4 turns over left shoulder to catch quick pass from 1. Timing is crucial to make this play happen. Give it a try! See More

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Basketball Play - Bear Backdoor Special

Bear Backdoor Special

Randy Brown 04/10/2013

This play was designed by legendary offensive coach who has 90% success rate with Bear Back Door. It is a good opening play of the game and can be used out of timeouts as well. Timing is important so the left side is clear of defenders. Bear is a guaranteed back door lay up! See More

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