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Basketball Play - Strong Back Elevator

Strong Back Elevator

Adam Spinella 07/31/2013

This is a play used last season by the Washington Wizards under coach Randy Wittman. The Wizards would try to get an open three pointer for Bradley Beal or Martell Webster, who they start in the corner out of a Horns formation. You'll see the defense pay a lot of attention to John Wall on this play as well; it's one of the few occasions he's been utilized as a screener and this is a good example of how it can be effective for the best player on a team to be the screener - it sets up openings for others. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop Elevator

Loop Elevator

Adam Spinella 07/26/2013

This play was taken from Mark Jackson and the Golden State Warriors. With the three elite three-point shooters that the Warriors had, Jackson would use this play to free one of them up at a time, bringing them off an elevator screen to the top of the key. The set does a good job disguising which player will be the shooter. See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Curl

Phoenix Curl

Adam Spinella 07/22/2013

This play has been a staple for years with any team that has Steve Nash at the point. In Phoenix, both Mike D'Antoni and Alvin Gentry ran this as a quick-hitter to get the ball into the post for an easy layup or dunk. Nash would set a screen for either Amare Stoudemire or Marcin Gortat and free them up at the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Flare Slip

Flare Slip

Adam Spinella 07/17/2013

The San Antonio Spurs ran this play against the Minnesota Timberwolves three years ago in an end game situation. It was a simple yet effective play to get a layup, which worked because the defense had to respect Manu Ginobili coming off a flare screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Stagger Pop

Miami Stagger Pop

Kevin Bruinsma 07/17/2013

Starting in a horns set the Miami Heat curl their stretch 4 man off a double screen. The 5 then sets a down screen for the point #30 Norris Cole who runs off it looking for a shot. #1 Chris Bosh holds his screen until the point is thru and then dives to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Twins

Miami Twins

Kevin Bruinsma 07/12/2013

One of the most popular sets in the NBA that everyone runs is the basic horns set with a ball screen and pop. The Heat ran this to get #1 Chris bosh a wide open look in the NBA Finals. After setting a ball screen for #15 Chalmers he runs off the 5's flare screen who dives to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Heat Elbow Rip

Heat Elbow Rip

Daniel Murphy 06/29/2013

Heat ran this at 7:45 of Q3 in game 7. When Chalmers clears to the corner he first runs at Bosh faking the screen. As this is happening Miller is sprinting into the back screen. The Spurs switched the pick and pop. Parker was guarding Miller and on the switch Parker guarded Wade and Manu guarded Miller. When Miller set the ball screen it was in the middle, but so low the screen was at the nail of the FT line. See More

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Basketball Play -  Last Second Shot

Last Second Shot

Greg White 04/27/2013

This is a late game situation we have used. I like it because you can install this and get either a 2pt or 3pt shot out of it. The PG attacks and makes a read as to where the ball should go or you can designate the pass based on your opponents defense. The option I like and use the most is the last option to the opposite corner for a 3. See More

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Basketball Play - 41 twist

41 twist

John Leonzo 04/26/2013

Here is another set that was run by Utah State during the 2010 season. This is a great quick hitter to get a quality look at the basket before getting into your motion offense. I would reccomend this set to anyone that is looking for a quick hitter that is hard to defend. See More

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Basketball Play - Brooklyn ditches ISO-Joe on a game-deciding play

Brooklyn ditches ISO-Joe on a game-deciding play

Mark Travis 02/22/2013

The majority of Joe Johnson's clutch shots for the Nets this season have come on the infamous ISO-Joe plays that made Johnson's Atlanta Hawks' teams a bit of an eye sore on offense. To Johnson's credit, he's been remarkably efficient in one-on-one situations late in games this year, and he even hit the game-winner later in this game on an isolation possession. But down three with 6.7 seconds left in the game against the Milwaukee Bucks the other night, P.J. Carlesimo went away from ISO ball and drew up a beautiful elevator screen sequence to get Johnson a wide open look at a three from the top of the key. Unphased by the moment, Johnson executed his cut perfectly and he got good screens from his teammates, allowing him to tie things up and send the game to overtime. Video of this play. See More

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