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Basketball Play - Oklahoma State's 15 Flare Down

Oklahoma State's 15 Flare Down

Mark Travis 02/05/2013

Down four to the #2 ranked Kansas Jayhawks on the road in the Phog with just over four minutes left, Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford called a play for his 5'11" (and that is generous) freshman point guard that was previously 0-for-6 from deep to get a three-point look. Naturally. The Cowboys put the Freshman point guard in a number of screen situations, with the end result being a three-pointer that Forte nailed to bring the Cowboys within one. It was this shot by Forte that sprung OSU's run down the stretch, resulting in one of the rarest things in college sports: A Jayhawks loss in Phog Allen Fieldhouse. And it was all thanks to some great play design, patience and execution by the Cowboys in a very tough environment. See More

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Basketball Play - How Miami got Ray Allen wide open from deep in crunchtime

How Miami got Ray Allen wide open from deep in crunchtime

Mark Travis 01/31/2013

No player in NBA history has ever been more criticized for his late game play than LeBron James. Anytime he passes the ball in a close game, people begin to question whether or not he has the mental fortitude to be a winner. Thankfully, LeBron won a title last season and now all of that talk is gone. Now we can start appreciating his unselfish play in crunchtime, which is a good thing for all basketball fans. Here is a play that the Heat used down four to the Toronto Raptors in overtime last week that I call Horns Flare. Miami is going to utilize every player on the court in some way or another and the end result of the play is a wide open three for Ray Allen, which is probably the best outcome you can think of in a close game. See More

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Basketball Play - Reindeer 2

Reindeer 2

NHSBCA NHSBCA 12/21/2012

Here's a fun play for the holidays out of a "Reindeer" set from the NHSBCA Playbook. The 1 brings the ball up the floor and signals which of the players stacked together at the free throw line will step out to set a ball screen. The options that follow all depend on who set the initial screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Temple Early Offense

Temple Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 12/08/2012

Temple ran this Early Offense set in their match-up against Villanova They do a good job with spacing and the ball reversal sets up the flare screen for a possible shot or quick entry pass to the post man off the flare Fran Dunphy's teams are well drilled and do a good job executing their sets See More

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