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Basketball Play - Houston Rockets 2 Off

Houston Rockets 2 Off

Adam Spinella 05/10/2016

For the Houston Rockets who have a star player that is a guard, they often see him be overplayed on the perimeter and denied the basketball for a reversal. All backdoor sets that are effective are counters to previously scouted plays or main sets that a team runs, and the Rockets took that into consideration when running this backdoor clearout for James Harden. Coming out of a chin formation, they send their 4-man thru on the baseline, and then clear out that entire side of the floor for Harden to dart backdoor. See More

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Basketball Play - Nuggets Horns Flare

Nuggets Horns Flare

Adam Spinella 02/19/2016

The Denver Nuggets have a great asset in Danilo Gallinari as a stretch-4. Coach Michael Malone uses him well, and this Horns set is one way in which he does. By flaring the ball screener like Gallinari, it opens up the lane completely for a drive or a slip if they pay too much attention to Gallo. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Duke On-Ball Back Screen

Kevin Bruinsma 04/24/2015

Duke ran this play to free up Winslow going to the rim and once the ball is reversed it turns into a post iso for him. Okafor screws the play up by not moving to the weak side block, but Duke ends up getting a basket on a post move from Winslow. If Okafor would have slid over to the opposite block and ducked his man in, Winslow would have had a lob dunk after the back screen from the point guard. See More

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Basketball Play - D2 Elevator

D2 Elevator

Timothy Hipps 03/03/2015

This is a play I saw in a NCAA Division II game in January. The game was Mt. Olive and King (Tennessee). My apologies as a I don't remember which team ran the play, but it's great that you can find good, innovative offense everywhere. See More

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Basketball Play - Shaka Smart VCU Rams Set Play:  Hook 2

Shaka Smart VCU Rams Set Play: Hook 2

Scott Peterman 02/27/2015

Shaka Smart who is the VCU Rams Head Coach is known more for his Havoc Pressure Defense, but when he switches to the offensive end of the floor then he imposes offensive Havoc on his opponents. He incorporates ball screens into transition and his half court offense. This potent offensive stratgegy is used throughout basketball and has become one of the best ways to get players open looks at the basket and tire his opponents. These ball screens will: Force your opponents to guard disadvantage situations Create roles for other players on your team Exploit your opponent's weak defenders Coach Smart will show you the most important aspects of using ball screens in this set play: spacing, timing, and screening angles. If you would like to see more of Shaka Smart's VCU Rams Playbook then check out: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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