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Basketball Play - Flat


Anonymous 02/25/2014

Franklin Pierce MBB ran this flat ball screen set vs the University of New Haven on 1-18-14. The weak side is cleared so the DHO action in this set allows the dribbler who receives the handoff to get into the paint with ease. See More

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Basketball Play - Transition Offense

Transition Offense

Anonymous 02/24/2014

The Bruins of Belmont have a line-up which is extremely hard to guard. With dangerous weapons on the perimeter, guarding them requires a lot of planning and a good strategy. This set shows a lot of movement and if the defense switches the FT line screen, it sets up an open 3 pt shot, inside pass or open side penetration depending on who's handling the ball. In this situation, Windler the leading 3 pt shooter in the Conference gets a wide open shot made possible by the quick passing of the Bruins in their half court offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Broncos Triple

Broncos Triple

Anonymous 02/22/2014

Coach Kerry Keating showed the diversity of the Broncos offensive sets in their game against BYU. This nice triple stagger screen action gives the PG a chance to really read what the best option is as the STS action sets up a post-up situation on either side of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Sun Devils Box Set

Sun Devils Box Set

Anonymous 02/19/2014

Arizona State pulled off the upset victory over their long time rivals Arizona on Friday night. Herb Sendek has proven he's a winning coach at every stop during his long career. The Sun Devils are 8-4 in the PAC 12 and overall 19-6 on the season. This Box Set was one of their most used plays on Friday night and it has 4 really solid options all predicated on whether the ball is entered in the post to start. With a guard-guard exchange on the baseline to begin, the back screen determines which the way the offense will go as this is designed to get Bachynski the ball in the post. The Set continues though when this option isn't available and overall, this is a highly effective, easy too install set play. See More

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Basketball Play - Santa Clara Double Ball Screen

Santa Clara Double Ball Screen

Anonymous 02/12/2014

Santa Clara ran this double ball screen action the other night in their match-up against BYU. This is a good set forcing the defense to make quick decisions on who to guard. The end result is a wide open shot from the short corner on the weak side as the defender on the 4 man goes to far too help on the pin down screen. Santa Clara ran a lot of nice sets in this game and Coach Keating does a good job getting his players in spots where they can be successful in the offense. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 Baseline

1 Baseline

Anonymous 02/04/2014

Last night this play was run at the beginning of the game between the Florida Gators and Mississippi State. It struck me as such a strong opening play that I had to diagram it and share with the other coaches out there. A lot of movement, the use of the DHO and at the end, a perfectly played pass inside for the seal action and easy basket. A great play to open the game when you have a strong 5 man who can get the 1st position inside and go to work. Billy Donovan runs some of the most dynamic sets in the college game today. See More

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Basketball Play - Hoosiers Secondary

Hoosiers Secondary

Anonymous 01/08/2014

This is a nice action run by the Indiana Hoosiers from their overtime thriller against the Fighting Illni on New Years Eve This play has a litlte bit of everything in it from a hard elbow cut for a possible quick hit lay-up to a diagonal back screen looking to spring the post for a wing entry pass The play ends with a good drag screen action leaving open space for the PG to either drive the lane or read the defense and pick his best option A well designed play by Tom Crean for his young Hoosiers led by outstanding PG Yogi Ferrell who has taken his game to the next level this year!! See More

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Basketball Play - Villanova Iso Double

Villanova Iso Double

Anonymous 01/06/2014

Villanova ran this quick hitter with success numerous times in their Big East Conference opener on the road at Butler on New Year's Eve 12/31/13. The first two options were the looks Villanova got against Butler. I added the last option for another wrinkle to this set. See More

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Basketball Play - 76er's 4 Across Game Winner

76er's 4 Across Game Winner

Anonymous 12/30/2013

Game winning play drawn up by Philadelphia 76er's in their win over the Brooklyn Nets. Evan Turner was the 2 in this situation. 5's man has to be careful to not get too close to 5 as 5 pops to the elbow, or 5 could back cut to the basket. Giving a cushion allows the ball to be inbounded. 4-2 screen is tough to switch, as is 5-2 dribble hand off. See More

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