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Basketball Play - Finland - Diamond 53

Finland - Diamond 53

Ryan Nguyen 09/18/2018

This is one of the many "Diamond" sets from Henrik Dettmann of the Finnish National Team. As 4 slips the ball screen, this creates an advantage for the offense as x5 has to help on the slip. As x5 helps, 5 sets a pindown for 3. Because x5 is helping on the slip from 4, the offense creates a 2-on-1 advantage on the weak side since there is no help on 3 as he comes off the screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta Hawks - Loop Oklahoma

Atlanta Hawks - Loop Oklahoma

Ryan Nguyen 08/24/2018

Budenholzer ran this "Loop" set last year with the Atlanta Hawks to create an open 3 for a stretch big. The action starts off with a pin down into a loop cut across the elbow by the PG/1. As 1 completes cut, 5 immediately turns and sets a ball screen for 2. 5 then rolls into a pin down for 4 who comes off the screen looking for a shot. Offense creates a 3-on-2 advantage on the weak side as the ball handler occupies the screener's defender. See More

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