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Basketball Play - Maryland Terrapins

Maryland Terrapins

Dana Beszczynski 11/13/2012

This play comes from the game between the Maryland Terrapins and the Kentucky Wildcats. This was a set Maryland used early in the game looking to free Dez Wells at the top of the key for a jumper. Easy to set-up and run, a great set for either a post-up 4 man or a strong shooting 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Offense

Motion Offense

Basketball HQ 11/10/2012

Keep the ball and players moving until the defense breaks down and there is an open shot or driving lane. Cut hard without the ball and maintain good spacing. Keep the ball moving and hit your teammates when they are open. This play is from the 2011-2012 Georgia Southern season. See More

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Basketball Play - Florida - Continuity Offense

Florida - Continuity Offense

Luke Riegel 11/07/2012

This continuity offense provides an opportunity to get all 5 offensive players involved within the screening action. It also has provided us with a great "2nd offense" that is completely different than our offense that we run traditionally. If you have guards that like to post-up and bigs that can play on the perimeter, this continuity will be beneficial. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Flex

Box Flex

Lason Perkins 10/01/2012

#1 dribbles to wing as #4 and #5 set down screens. #2 cuts to the top and #3 pops to corner. #1 hits #2 #3 will make a flex cut off #4 as #4 pops to the wing. #1 sprints to corner after passing. #5 will sprint to the top and set a ball screen for #2. #2 attacks off the screen as #5 rolls and #4 replaces. #2 can reverse to #4 who has High/Low look into #5 See More

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Basketball Play - "Zipper" - Post Up Set For 4 Man

"Zipper" - Post Up Set For 4 Man

Luke Riegel 09/27/2012

This is a set that is very effective when you have a 4 man with the ability to post up and play with his back to the basket. We've had the most success with this play when we run it all the way through, getting to the screen-the-screener action. If 4 initially posts-up aggressive after he downscreen for 3, he'll be more open when 1 will screen for him. See More

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Basketball Play - Pick and Pick Offense

Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 09/06/2012

The Pick and Pick Offense is a creation of adding ball screens and additional screens while using the layers established by the Read and React Offense. It is an offensive system I feel can be used as a continuity or a set play. Learn more about it at See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

3FTC Pick and Pick Offense

Greg White 08/27/2012

I started thinking about this offense this summer and really like the options and flow it has. I have run dribble drive in the past. Our program currently uses the Read & React so I took the spacing, Layer 1 and added some ball screen options and a little confusion for the defense. The offense gives you the spacing to attack the basket, while incorporating ball screens that force your opponents to find the best way to defend the ball screen. I've attached a breakdown drill we will use and will post more later. If this offense is something you think might help your team, please contact me at See More

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