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Basketball Play - MTSU - Blue Raider Slice

MTSU - Blue Raider Slice

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

Middle Tennessee State runs a variety of Offensive sets and they do such a good job reading the defense. Here is a signature action whereby using the back screen to clear a side for the ball screen where their guards can take advantage of their speed and attack or hit the big man Williams here for the 3 pt shot See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona Transition PNR Post Action

Arizona Transition PNR Post Action

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

Sean Miller's Arizona Offense is very creative and provides his players with multiple cutting & scoring options. Out of this Transition action alone you have a DHO, Middle Ball Screen, and movement options that force the Defense into multiple rotations. At the end, the ability to have their 4 either step out to hit the jumper or post-up provides a finish to this action which is good for all levels of play. See More

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Basketball Play - USC - "Circle 51 Dive"

USC - "Circle 51 Dive"

Doug Brotherton 03/17/2017

USC ran this half court set in their first round 2017 NCAA Tournament win over SMU. They used this "Circle Action" to get their Point Guard (1) down hill, off of a ball screen. The weak side defender helped on the roll, so USC skipped it to the opposite corner for an open three point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Pick the Picker EOG 3 vs POR

Pick the Picker EOG 3 vs POR

Mo Dakhil 01/18/2017

In the second overtime the Pistons won the game on their third option of the play. It starts out with the Marcus Morris running from the strongside corner to the weakside wing. Then Caldwell-Pope comes off a back pick for a lob set by Tobias Harris who then comes off a screen from Andre Drummond to bring him to the strongside wing. He's not open and Drummond set a pick to bring Caldwell-Pope to the three who catches it and wins the game for Detroit. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - DHO Swing Pop Backdoor

Boston Celtics - DHO Swing Pop Backdoor

Matt Wheeler 01/03/2017

The Boston Celtics ran this backdoor play against the Washington Wizards to get a dunk for Kyrie Irving (1). 1 used a dribble handoff with 3 to position himself in the corner. 3 reversed the ball to 2 then cut to the opposite corner isolating 1 on the left side of the floor. 2 then ran a pick and pop with 4. 4 dribbles at 1 and makes the backdoor pass for the dunk. See More

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Basketball Play - Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Oklahoma State Double Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/04/2016

Brad Underwood came to Oklahoma State after a very successful three year stay at Stephen F. Austin where he compiled a record of 89-14. He tied Brad Stevens for most victories at an NCAA school after their first three years. The first coach to ever win three straight Southland Conference Coach of the Year awards, Underwood led SFA to the two longest winning streaks in league history. He and the Lumberjacks won 29 straight games in 2013-14, and his team rode a 21-game win streak into Sunday's NCAA Tournament second-round showdown against Notre Dame, which came down to the wire. Underwood piled up a 53-1 record in conference play during his three-years at SFA and put the Lumberjacks in the national spotlight after an upset win over fifth-seeded VCU in the opening round of the 2014 NCAA Tournament. He matched that success again in 2016 after taking down No. 3 seed West Virginia in the first round. In fact, the Lumberjacks came within two seconds of a trip to the Sweet 16. Underwood's SFA teams were known for their defensive prowess, but also for their assist-oriented offenses. This season, the Lumberjacks led the nation in scoring margin (+16.9), turnover margin (+6.5) and turnovers forced (18.6), and also ranked second in assists per game (18.7) and seventh in steals per game (9.1). His style of play will be exciting to watch at Oklahoma State and this double stagger action out of Transition is just one example of his prowess as a tactician. This is a great set play for Phil Forte a marksman from behind the arc. See More

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