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Basketball Play - Zone Offense: Quick Hitter - " Kansas "

Zone Offense: Quick Hitter - " Kansas "

Dustin Cooper 01/24/2019

Coaches - if you want an easy two points against a zone defense, add this to your playbook ASAP! This is a action that we have ran as a BLOB with tremendous success. See the diagrams and video in my playbank! We decided to start running this as a half court set as well, and this is what we came up with. Run your best shooter along the baseline to distract the wing defender. Once that happens, the hook is set and we seal the middle of the zone allowing a clear path for a layup. For more great quick hitters, check out my YouTube channel. Download: Full Zone Offense Playbook See More

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Basketball Play - Penn Quakers - Shuffle Offense Playbook

Penn Quakers - Shuffle Offense Playbook

FastModel Sports 10/03/2018

Shuffle Offense featuring the Penn Quakers. Also includes Spread Ball Screen, Zone and BLOBs sets. Playbook created by Radius Athletics and powered by FastModel. View more content like this at! To send the Playbook to your FastDraw, click the "Send to FastDraw" button above. After you enter the email address you use in FastDraw, click FastTrade, at the top of FastDraw, and open your FastTrade Manager. Find the new message, put a checkmark next to it, and click "Add to Library." The PDF of the playbook is available by clicking here. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC: Zone Set #1

3FTC: Zone Set #1

Greg White 08/12/2012

This is a fun set to install. The players will love it and you'll love the result. We use a pass I first saw late one night watching FIBA basketball on NBATV. Think Manu Ginobili type play. Your player passing will sprint to the baseline, jump out of bounds and complete a cross court pass. I like this pass because if the defense tips it you get to run a BLOB (see my other posts) and most defenders, mine included are going to stop at the baseline. If they don't, again, hit them and its a BLOB opportunity. Drill included See More

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