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Basketball Play - Odd


Randy Sherman 06/23/2015

BLOB out of a box set Teaching points: 5 must get wide to set arc screen for 2 3 must time their cut with the entry. Don't cut too soon! 4 sets pin screen for inbounder then looks to bury their man and posts up Team is set to run offense on "set it up" needed. See More

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Basketball Play - EOG/EOQ Need 3

EOG/EOQ Need 3

Brandon Mullis 05/10/2015

This is a last second play that can also be used at the end of quarters in high school. One of our opponents ran this BLOB to perfection against us a couple seasons ago. We did not defend the action very well and gave up the open shot in the corner to lose by one point. See More

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Basketball Play - Clear


Brandon Mullis 05/03/2015

Here is a quick hitting BLOB set that one of our opponents ran against us two seasons ago. If the shooter does not have the open shot in the opposite corner coming off the double screens, he can then look inside for a post entry. See More

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Basketball Play - UT-Martin 4 Low

UT-Martin 4 Low

Andrew Greer 03/26/2015

Tennessee-Martin 4 Low. UTM coach Heath Schroyer drew this BLOB set up for the game winner against Eastern Kentucky to send the Skyhawks to the Final Four of the CIT. The Skyhawks had the ball with 6.3 seconds left down 2. Marshun Newell (2) sets to inbound the basketball. The set begins with the first option which is a triple stagger for a guard coming from the opposite corner to the ball side corner. After he was covered he cleared toward half court. Chandler Rowe (5) is the final screener. He opens up to catch the entry pass just inside the 3 pt. line. After the catch Newell sprints in to take the DHO and hits the game winning 3 from the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

James Ponchak 03/22/2015

Wichita State ran this play against Indiana for their first basket in the NCAA tournament. Ron Baker ripped the ball middle and drove left for the finish, but he also had Darius Carter posting up on the block as an option. If you are looking for a postup, having VanVleet screen for Carter would create a mismatch if they switch the screen. VanVleet could then cut off a screen from Cotton to the wing to still create a lane for Baker to rip and drive left. 23 - Fred VanVleet 31 - Ron Baker 3 - Evan Wessel 12 - Darius Carter 32 - Tekele Cotton See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa Screen the Screener

Iowa Screen the Screener

Andrew Greer 03/21/2015

This Iowa Hawkeyes set is a twist on a set that most coaches either have in their playbook or have seen on the court before. The Hawkeyes used a back screen cross screen combo to get a wide open dunk on the opposite block. In their screen the screener action the initial screener is a shooter who will receive the second screen to get to the corner. See More

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