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Basketball Play - Baseline (3-low)

Baseline (3-low)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

We start by forming a triple stack on either block with our player being guarded M2M on top. To initiate the action, the point guard uses a freeze dribble to attack the top defender in the box and the players forming the stack set a double screen on the low box defender and the middle guard looks to pop out to shooting range. If the bottom of the zone shifts out quickly to defended the short corner/corner shot, the ball side post immediately screens away and brings weak side post across the hoop for a baseline bounce pass. If nothing develops on this action a quick pass to the point guard followed by a ball screen by the guarded player and the action can be run to the other side. If at anytime the bottom box defender anticipates the corner pass, the point guard can ball fake and immediately hit the post player slipping the screen on the block. You can also run this play with your player being guarded M2M as the baseline runner. See More

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Basketball Play - 3-low vs. Box 1 or Diamond 1 (Guarded Player Baseline Runner)

3-low vs. Box 1 or Diamond 1 (Guarded Player Baseline Runner)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

In this version of "3-low", we are using our two post players along the baseline as screeners and sealers and our top two guards as gappers. The two top guards are to play in gaps and be ready to penetrate and pitch against the one guard front. They are also trying to read the defense as our guarded player comes off of baseline screening actions. This play has the same action upon a baseline catch in that the strong side post player immediately screens away for the weak side post player. If a star player catches in the corner, the ball side post can also set a ball screen for the guarded player. This puts the defense in a vulnerable position and forces help from the zone players. As you can see in the diagram, the player has multiple reads off the ball screen (shot, roll man, reverse). My favorite part of this action is that you are engaging multiple defenders thus creating action and indecision by the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Fist versus Diamond or 1-3 (Part 1)

Fist versus Diamond or 1-3 (Part 1)

Rory Hamilton 07/29/2015

Your point guard needs to initiate the action by dribbling opposite your guarded player setting up a side ball screen with your low posted player. Your other players unguarded players ( 4 and 2 ) fill the ball side corner and weak side slot area. Most zones go under ball screens, so as th point guard comes off ball screen she should immediately look to penetrate elbow are for a shot. If the defender goes under the ball screen we teach our post player to "bury" the defender by performing a reverse pivot and sealing off defender and allowing the point guard to attack elbow area for a shot, pitch ahead, or a pitch back. See More

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Basketball Play - Rip


Rory Hamilton 07/18/2017

Play is initiated with a dummy ball screen by the 1 and 5. As the ball screen takes place the 2 player immediately down screens for the 4 player. 1 comes off the ball screen and pitches ahead to the 4. After setting the ball screen, 5 sprints to set a fake down screen for 3 and will receive a "rip" screen from the 2 for a lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - SLOB Lob for Spurs

SLOB Lob for Spurs

Mo Dakhil 07/13/2016

The San Antonio Spurs summer league team ran an End of Game (EOG) play to beat the Warriors at the buzzer with a lob to Jonathan Simmons. The play showed how teams could take advantage of defenses that hard hedge (when the screener’s defender steps in the path of player coming off the screen) or switch off ball screens. Kyle Anderson is tasked with inbounding the ball, in the stronger side corner is the Spurs best shooter in DeJounte Murray. His job is not to move from that spot and keep the floor spread. Bryn Forbes is in the weakside corner and it appears as if CJ Williams and Simmons are setting a double staggered for Forbes. As Forbes comes off the first screen, Simmons’ defender jumps out early to hedge on the screen and make it a difficult entry pass to Forbes. As soon as the defender hedges Simmons slips right to the basket without ever setting the screen. Anderson throws the lob but it is a little off target but Simmons uses his athleticism to catch the ball, gather himself and goes straight up to score over the defense. Even if the defense switched in this situation Simmons would have the superior position as he has a direct lane to the basket and there would be no one in between him and the ball. The play above is a great example of a team slipping a screen to take advantage of teams See More

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Basketball Play - Chicago Bulls - Fake Handoff Logo PNR

Chicago Bulls - Fake Handoff Logo PNR

Matt Wheeler 07/22/2016

The Chicago Bulls ran this play to start the second half of the NBA Summer League Championship game. Denzel Valentine was scoreless in the first half so they ran this play to get the ball in his hands and get him going. A logo pick & roll is a ball screen action that starts where the NBA logo is usually situated on the floor, a little off of the post area. In this play the screen from the 2 for the 5 made it difficult for the Timberwolves to provide help on the ball screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Lithuania - DHO UCLA Shuffle

Lithuania - DHO UCLA Shuffle

Matt Wheeler 08/08/2016

Lithuania ran this unique shuffle cut variation in their opening round game against Brazil. Typically shuffle cut actions put the player receiving the staggered screen in the weakside corner . This way they can easily come off of the staggered screen after the shuffle screen takes place. In this play, 3 uses the UCLA cut to look for a layup on the strong side. If 3 isn't open he moves to weakside block to open up a cutting area for 1, who is using the shuffle screen from 4. 4 & 5 then immediately set a staggered screen for 3. If 3 doesn't have a shot, Lithuania has added a ball screen option where the point guard sets a back screen for the 5 to free him up for a layup. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics SLOB - Handoff Flare

Boston Celtics SLOB - Handoff Flare

Matt Wheeler 10/07/2016

The Boston Celtics summer league team used this play as their regular sideline out of bounds offense. Having the 5 pop up top to receive inbounds pass gives them a safe outlet since most 5's won't deny the ball that far up the floor. 1 comes off of multiple screens before looking for the inbounder (2) on the flare screen. If 2 isn't open. 1 uses the ball screen from 5 to create a scoring opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - LA Sparks - Elbow Flex Rip

LA Sparks - Elbow Flex Rip

Matt Wheeler 09/24/2017

The LA Sparks ran this play late in the 4th quarter of Game 1 of the WNBA Finals to try to get 4 isolated in the post off of the back screen from 2. After 2 sets the flex screen 3 continues cutting to the corner to get 2 & 4 isolated on the weak side of the floor. 2 sets the back screen on 4 then pops out to receive the pass from 5. 4 looks to pass to 4 but in this situation the post entry was defended well and the Sparks went to a secondary option with a ball screen. See More

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