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Basketball Play - Maryland Terrapins - Box Shuffle

Maryland Terrapins - Box Shuffle

Lucas Shapiro 02/02/2016

When you have a post player like Robert Carter and a point guard like Melo Trimble, it may sometimes seem like a coach can run anything and it would work. But you have to respect Mark Turgeon’s thinking on this play to put one of his best players in a good position to do what he is best at. This is a good set for any team, especially ones where a team has guards that have a hard time entering the ball into the post. The combination of the ball screen for the guard and the backscreen for big to the same side makes the post entry easy to make. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics - Zipper DHO

Boston Celtics - Zipper DHO

Lucas Shapiro 02/09/2016

This was another great set to get an open three pointer. Having Marcus Smart pass to the elbow and do a fake handoff with Amir Johnson distracted the defense from the off ball screen Isaiah Thomas was being run through. This allowed Amir Johnson to make an easy decision by hitting Thomas for the open three. This would be a great set to run before ending a quarter or half. See More

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Basketball Play - Indiana Pacers - Loop Chicago

Indiana Pacers - Loop Chicago

Lucas Shapiro 02/23/2016

The Pacers ran the common loop action on this set but did not give it to C.J Miles because he was being denied the ball. Instead they entered it into the post and ran Chicago action (off-ball screen into a dribble handoff). This created an open look for Miles even though his defender did not make contact with any of the offensive players. See More

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Basketball Play - Coastal Carolina  Double Stagger

Coastal Carolina Double Stagger

Andrew Greer 03/21/2015

Coastal Carolina used this set on their first scoring play against Wisconsin in their Round 2 matchup. The Chanticleers used this action multiple times adding a few different wrinkles with ball screens along the way. This set starts out in a horns look but then uses back to back stagger screens bringing the ball side guard around on the final screen. See More

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