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Basketball Play - Loyola Chicago - Elbow PNR

Loyola Chicago - Elbow PNR

Matt Wheeler 03/22/2018

Loyola Chicago runs this elbow action to get its 4 the ball to attack in a middle ball screen. 1 passes to 4 at the elbow then screens for 3. 3 cuts to the weak side leaving 1 as the only player on the right side of the floor, forcing his defender to provide help on 5 rolling to the basket. 4 looks to create a shot for himself, pass to 5 on the roll to the basket or hit 1 filling behind the play on the wing. If 1 gets the ball, he can look at 5 in the post or create a shot off the dribble. See More

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Basketball Play - Louisviile Cardinals - Veer Pindown

Louisviile Cardinals - Veer Pindown

Matt Wheeler 03/22/2019

Louisville made a last ditch effort to get back into their game against Minnesota in the first round of the NCAA tournament with this play designed to get an open three-point shot. 5 comes off of the screen from 4 acting like he is going to set a ball screen. 5 then turns and sets a down screen for 3. 1 has the option to take the shot or pass it to 3 for a look at a three. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Cavaliers - Single Tag PNR  Defense

Virginia Cavaliers - Single Tag PNR Defense

Matt Wheeler 04/04/2019

By having their post players hard hedge the ball screens, Virginia needs to provide help when the screener rolls to the basket. X5’s first job in this situation is to redirect the ball to half court and not allow 1 to turn the corner and get in the lane. If he is too concerned about his matchup with 5 he won’t be able to provide great help on the ball screen. This is where x3 comes into play to provide help until x5 gets back to his match up . X3 has a tough job to do. He has to tag 5 and take away the pass for him rolling to the basket. He then has to change direction and close out on his man to contest the shot and take away any penetration. This is a very difficult action to guard but by being aggressive and providing early help Virginia is able to cover for each other and take away high percentage shots at the rim and open shots behind the arc. Final Four Team Breakdown: Virginia's Elite Efficiency on Both Sides of the Ball See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors - Weak Corner PNR

Golden State Warriors - Weak Corner PNR

Matt Wheeler 05/22/2019

The Golden State Warriors used this play during the first quarter of Game 3 against the Portland Trail Blazers to get the ball to Draymond Green (4) on the roll and he can make a read to pass to the open man. Once the ball is reversed to Steph Curry (1), Green set the ball screen and rolled to the basket. The Blazers hard hedged the screen which got Green temporarily open. The Blazers had to provide help on him to take away the layup. Green read where the help came from and passed to Andre Iguodala for the open three-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Australia - Rip STS

Australia - Rip STS

Matt Wheeler 09/11/2019

Australia opened their World Cup match against France with this play to get Patti Mills a shot. 2 starts the play by setting the back screen for 4. While this is happening, 3 cuts to the wing so his defender can't provide help on the possible lob pass to 4. 2 then cuts off the screen from 5 to get the ball on the wing. If 2 can't turn the corner right away for the shot, 5 follows to set a ball screen as the other players spread out along the perimeter for spacing. See More

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Basketball Play - LA Lakers - ICE Defense 3-on-3 Drill

LA Lakers - ICE Defense 3-on-3 Drill

Ryan Nguyen 08/18/2018

Continuity defensive drill from Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers from their 2016 Training Camp. This drill works on side pick and roll defense where the defense looks to Ice/Blue/Push/Down, depending on your terminology. The on ball defender adjusts their stance to be on the top of hip of the ball handler. Goal is to prevent the ball handler from using the ball screen to get to the middle, keeping the ball on the sideline/baseline on the pass and follow action. On the throwback to the screener, the on ball defender works for a lock and trail. See video below diagram for more. See More

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Basketball Play - Loyola Chicago - Punch Hammer

Loyola Chicago - Punch Hammer

Doug Brotherton 03/15/2018

Loyola Chicago ran the best set play of the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. This "Punch Hammer" set resulted in a wide open 3, to tie the game, late in the second half. The post entry sucks in the help defense, before the baseline skip pass (HAMMER ACTION) led to the important 3pt shot. The Ramblers of Loyola Chicago went on to upset Miami, on a buzzer beater, and beat Nevada and Kansas State en route to the Final Four. On the FMS blog: Recipe for Success - Loyola Chicago's Ball Screen Offense Final Four Preview: Loyola Chicago Executes on Both Ends See More

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Basketball Play - Milwaukee Bucks - 21 Mix Fan

Milwaukee Bucks - 21 Mix Fan

Dave Nedbalek 03/26/2018

Although this set is not enthusiastically run, or defended, it is nontheless a good action. The intitial set up looks like it is going to be your basic dribble handoff into a ball screen action, but instead it is a quick pitch to a flare for a 3pt look, or a slip to the rim. Ran with some pace, this could be a really good quick transition action. See More

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