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Basketball Play - Extra Pass Shooting

Extra Pass Shooting

Zachary Weir 02/28/2019

Extra Pass Shooting is a drill that we use to develop chemistry within our team and really encourage that extra pass and better shot. Consists of shooting, passing, ball handling and rebounding - as well as progressions of decision making and reads. Setup: - 6 minute drill (3 min left, 3 min right) - 1 min per spot - Goal is 10- 12 per minute - Ball doesn't touch the floor anymore than necessary - Passer calls shooters name and the action - 2nd passer will call for ball, and shooter will call EXTRA Playbook: Top 20 Shooting Drills of 2018 See More

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Basketball Play - Maverick Shooting

Maverick Shooting

null null 07/27/2018

Drill to work on multiple game like shots from spots players will take them in games. Players will work on shooting 3's, pull-ups and side steps. Note: Dotted line represents a shot in these diagrams. On the FMS Blog: Ball Handling Skills and Drills Dynamic Drills That Utilize Cones Scoring Made Simple: 3 Shots to Practice Click for more #PlayerDevelopment content! See More

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