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Basketball Play - Elbow Running Screen

Elbow Running Screen

Kevin Noon 01/04/2015

This is a good play for teams with big guards who have an advantage in post up situations. The objective of this play is to clear out a side and allow the guard to post up while still having other valuable options if that is taken away. This is a great play that can be run after time outs, if you need a quick 2 or a 3 for a good shooter. Ideally this is a play with a perimeter oriented 4 man, big guards who can post up and good 3pt shooters. Bigs set up in down screen action with guards low. 1 initiates the offense by picking a side to take the basketball. Guards will come off opposite the side the basketball is taken. Ball side big will then turn and set a back screen on other bigs man. First guard will curl to the block and 2nd guard will curl to the top looking for a 3. 4 pops and 5 ducks in looking for a post up. It forces the defense to make quick decisions and be in the right help defensive positions. Bigs line up in down screen action. 1 picks a side to take the ball. Guards come off screen opposite the basketball. 1st look: 2 posting up on the empty block 2nd look: 3 coming off screen for 3pt shot 3rd look: 1 hits 3 , 3 hits 4, 4 gets a shot 4th look: 1 hits 3, 3 hits 4, 4 hits 5 in the post. 4 is popping as soon as 3 curls to the top 5 is ducking in for a post up See More

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Basketball Play - JMU


Andrew Lacey 12/31/2014

Here is a set that you can use after a time out, late game situation or early offense. The ultimate goal is to get the ball inside to your post to work 1 v 1. It takes advantage of how the defense handles the intial ballscreen and is a counter when the post defender is sliding to the mid-line to help on the potential drive by the (1). It can be used vs. Man/Zone. See More

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

Ball Screen Lob (LOB for 4)

Kevin Noon 12/30/2014

This is a great play to run out of a time out, in transtion or as a quick hitter in the flow of the game. Designed mainly for a team with a strong pick and roll PG and an athletic 4 man. This play can be used to build some momentum in a competitive game. The first look is for 4 coming off the lob but it is important for 1 to attack off the ball screen and get in the lane. 5 will be sealing ball side block and 1 comes off the screen and should be looked at for a simple post feed. See More

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