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Basketball Play - Hook Go

Hook Go

Kyle Gilreath 03/01/2014

UCF head coach Donnie Jones drew up this play at the end of their game versus Rutgers Wednesday night to give them the lead, and ultimately the win. Jones put the ball in the hands of his best player Isaiah Sykes (2) to create off the ball screen and Sykes did just that. He exploded off the pick & roll and the defense became so occupied by the double screen action, Sykes was able to get to the rim for an uncontested lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Inside Triangle

Inside Triangle

Randy Brown 02/18/2014

This is an inside triangle set that can be run as a quick hitter or continuity offense. 3-4-5 are in a revolving screen and cut mode. 1 and 2 are available on the wings as receivers and passers into the post. Guards must move up and down sideline to occupy their defenders to allow inside scoring. See More

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Basketball Play - Racers PG Iso

Racers PG Iso

Dana Beszczynski 02/15/2014

The Murray State Racers have in Cameron Payne a Freshman with ultra quick footwork and the ability to breakdown defenders 1 v 1. This set utilizes that quickness starting in a 1-4 low set and using the wing man to set a screen on x5 giving the 5 man a chance to sprint to set a screen thus eliminating help. Payne reads the defender, rejects the screen and attacks the post side where he rubs his defender into the post and throws up a floater to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Hoosier Down

Hoosier Down

Randy Brown 02/11/2014

This is a good down screen/flex action followed by an on ball screen. Options are 4 coming off 5's down screen, 3's flex cut, and 1's penetration off ball screen. Three scoring options are available on 1's penetration; 1 drives to basket, dishes to 5, or dishes to 3 for shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Strong


Andrew Lacey 02/11/2014

Here is an out of bounds play we use late in the game, when a team is playing us M-2-M under. It allows us to create mismatches on teams that will swtich the screening action or we will hit the flex cut for a score. See More

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Basketball Play - Touch


Randy Brown 02/10/2014

This is a great play when you need a post touch and score or foul. 4 comes from behind and calls "touch" as he sets a back screen on 5's defender. 5 comes circles behind to catch and score. Second option is ball reversal followed by dive and fill action. The goal is to get the ball directly in the post or on a high low feed. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Option #3

Box Option #3

Randy Brown 02/08/2014

This basic box alignment can lead to multiple scoring options. Option #3 is designed for ball reversal followed by on ball 4-1 screen. 1 uses the screen to drive into the paint to score. 2 spots up on the right wing for open three if his defender helps. See More

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