Diamond 25 Lob - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Today's FastDraw Play of the Day is a half-court set utilizing a high ball screen to set up a lob. If the lob is not there, a skip may be available and the action continues.

  • Basketball Play - Diamond 25 Lob
  • Basketball Play - Diamond 25 Lob
  • 5 sets a high ball screen for 1 as 3 pins down for 2. 1 hits 2 on the wing.

  • 4 pins for 3 setting up an apparent skip, then tunrs and back screens for 5 to the rim. 2 looks for 5 over the top for the lob. If the defense sags, 2 can hit 3 on the skip. If the skip does not result in a shot, 3 can hit 4 in the high post looking for a shot or a high-low opportunity.