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About This Play/Drill

Coaches, in my posts you will find me talking about getting your best players the ball a lot. I think it is very important to a teams success that the best players get the most looks and the best looks possible. Sometimes, you also have to get your opponents off balance. I have found the following play successful over the past few seasons, but it seems to me that the more unexpected it is the better. This is a fantastic play to get your trail big an easy bucket. 

  • Basketball Play - Hook

It all starts with the 1 man passing it over to the 4. In our normal offense this meant one of two things: 1) an immediate high-low or 2) a throw and go ball screen with the 3 man. In this play, the 5 sets a back screen for the 1 man and pops.

The 4 man swings it to the popping 5. Once the 1 man reaches the first hash, he will turn and back screen the 4 man. **Timing is key! As soon as the 5 man catches he needs to rifle a pass to the 2 man. The 4 man will sprint off of 1's screen for a layup. This is a very simple play but very effective. Early in the season some teams struggle with small to big off ball screens and this can be ran multiple times for a score.

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