Cal Poly Baseline Read - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

1 dribbles from left to right towards the elbow as 3 runs across the floor to screen for 4. If x4 stays out, 4 goes underneath the screen looking for the pass from 1 at the basket. If x4 moves up to stop 1 on the penetration, 3 puts his heels to the baseline to screen x4. 1 makes the pass over the top to 4 cutting to the rim. 

  • Basketball Play - Cal Poly Baseline Read
  • Basketball Play - Cal Poly Baseline Read
  • 1 dribbles toward the lane.


    3 reads 4's defender and screens depending on where he guards.


    If x4 jumps out to the corner to cover the pass to 4, 3 sets a back-screen and 4 cuts to the basket.

  • If x4 steps up to help against the pentration from 1, 3 steps in behind x4 and 1 looks to lob the ball to 4.