32 - FastModel Sports

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  • Basketball Play - 32
  • Basketball Play - 32
  • Start in a 1-2-2 alignment with your bigs on the blocks.


    1 will dribble the basketball away from the side he wants to enter the ball. (ex. Go away from your best shooter).


    As one is coming back to the shooter's side; 4/5 will set a double screen (elevator screen) for the shooter (2 in this case).


    2 will sprint around the screen and back to the ball side corner looking for the shot.


    3 will slide to the weak-side corner.

  • If 2 is not open for the pass/shot.


    5 (or the post thats at the top of the double screen) will set a screen for the 4 (or post at the bottom of the double screen).


    4 then curls tight off the screen looking for a pass from 1.

With the game changing dynamics defensively; and more teams are starting to play various types of zones.  Here is a quick hitter versus a zone that Steve Smith uses at Oak Hill Academy to get a open jumper or a easy lay-up inside.