Nuggets Flare Hammer - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

The Denver Nuggets run this misdirection Hammer set to free up a shooter in the corner. The use a flare screen at the top to occupy the help defense, forcing a weak side defender to rotate towards the ball. That rotation sets up an opening in the corner for a shooter to make a cut to.

  • Basketball Play - Nuggets Flare Hammer
  • Basketball Play - Nuggets Flare Hammer
  • Shooter is 3 (Hamilton). 5 (Hickson) sets a flex screen for 2 (Foye) into the mid-post area.

  • 4 (Faried) flares for 1 (Lawson), a misdirection action. 2 (Foye) drives baseline and 5 (Hickson) sets the hammer for 3 (Hamilton) to the corner