Golden State Pistol Slip vs. Show - FastModel Sports

Published 05/06/2015 by Craig LeVasseur Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This was a smartly executed play that the Warriors used against the Grizzlies in Game 2. Knowing that the x3 would show against any Pistol Step Up screen, Stephen Curry quickly spun back out of the P/R and reversed the ball to David Lee. Harrison Barnes immediately slipped out of the screen and to the basket for an easy lay-up.

  • Basketball Play - Golden State Pistol Slip vs. Show

3 sets Step Up for 1 in Pistol action. x3 makes hard show. 1 spins back quickly and reverses to 4. 3 slips out of the pick to the basket for quick backdoor pass from 4.