Memphis Grizzlies Fist 2 vs. Ice - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Memphis ran this action in Game 2 against Golden State. The "Fist 2" set is a staple of the Chicago Bulls offense using Derrick Rose, and the Grizzlies used it well here against the Warriors, who "Ice" against the Side P/R. The 5 man screens against the Ice, and the 2 man drives hard to occupy x5 on the help. This set works best with a 5 man who can short roll or pop into the pocket created by the Ice, and having a great duck-in 4 man like Zach Randolph to occupy the weakside help works even better!

  • Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies Fist 2 vs. Ice
  • Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies Fist 2 vs. Ice
  • 5 screens in for 2 to the wing. 1 hits 2 on the wing and clears.

  • 5 follows and changes angle to screen against the Ice. 2 drives hard baseline to draw x5, then hits 5 on the short roll or pop. 4 is a good duck-in player and occupies x4.