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About This Play/Drill

Memphis ran this early offense action in Game 2 versus the Warriors. It features a thru cut by Mike Conley, and several different options branching off. 5 sets a wide pindown for 2 while 1 finishes his thru cut and curls off of 4 on the block. 3 can hit 2 on the pindown, 1 on the thru cut, or 4 sealing for a post up. If none of these options are available, 3 can reverse back to 2 and set up 2-man game with the 5, opening up a whole new set of options.

  • Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies Thru Option
  • Basketball Play - Memphis Grizzlies Thru Option
  • 1 swings to 5, swings to 3. 1 and 2 come together for decoy split action. 1 curls off 4 at the block. 2 gets pin down from 5. 3 can hit 2, 4 in post, or 1.

  • 5 flashes back to elbow for 2 man game.