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About This Play/Drill

Coaches generally watch what other coaches use in their offense and if they like the action or think that it can be used for their personnel, they steal it. Kerr uses a set that Doc Rivers has been utilizing for JJ Redick to get an open shot. This set flows in transition nicely for the Warriors who like to run the "Phoenix Drag" screen in transition, and they get good shots out of it. Typically Steph runs the point in this set, but against New Orleans Kerr has Iguadola handle in order to get Steph a shot. Iguadola dribbles at Steph who cuts backdoor, then receives a ballscreen (Drag) and dribbles off of it. Opposite wing cuts hard to the rim pulling his defender with him, then Steph sprints off down screen for a shot.

  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warrios "Drag Pindown"
  • Basketball Play - Golden State Warrios "Drag Pindown"
  • 3 dribbles at 1 (Steph Curry) and then uses ballscreen from 5. 2 cuts through hard off 4 and clears to other wing.

  • 1 cuts off screen from 4 looking for a shot.