L.A. Clippers 4 Pop - FastModel Sports

Published 04/16/2015 by Craig LeVasseur Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Another set out of the Mike D’Antoni playbook, 4 Pop is designed for a shooting 4. While Blake Griffin has improved his midrange jumper each year, the main advantage of this set is putting Blake 1 on 1 against his usually slower defender at the top of the key. His driving ability makes this play an ideal Slice counter for the Clippers, and an option that the Celtics likely would not have been able to utilize with KG. A clear side P/R with Blake and CP3 is also a great 2nd option to have.

  • Basketball Play - L.A. Clippers 4 Pop
  • Basketball Play - L.A. Clippers 4 Pop
  • 1 swing to 5. 5 swing to 3. 4 sets flex screen for 2, and then receives pin down from 1.

  • If no shot or drive for 4, swing to 1 and run into Side P/R