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About This Play/Drill

Start with 4 players and a coach at each basket.  Three of the players start around the three point line as the offensive team…one player on each wing and one at the top of the key. The fourth player starts on defense and is under the basket with a ball. The defensive player rolls the ball out to one of the offensive players on the wing, then they close out and defend that offensive player. The defensive player is working 1-on-1 to force a bad shot and get the defensive rebound. Once the defender secures the rebound, they move on to the next offensive player by rolling them the ball and closing out on them. The defensive player must get 3 stops in a row, one from each player on offense. This is where the defense can get “caught in the Bermuda Triangle”…if you don’t get stops you will get stuck in there! Once the defender gets all 3 stops, everyone rotates one position. The drill ends when all 4 players have made their stops as the defensive player. The coach is at the basket to call fouls, which count as a score and the defender must move on to the next offensive player.

  • Basketball Play - Bermuda Triangle Close Out
  • Basketball Play - Bermuda Triangle Close Out
  • Player 1 rolls the ball out to Player 2. Player 1 closes-out (a good close-out requires Player 1 to be in their stance once Player 2 catches the ball). Players 1 and 2 play 1-on-1 until the defense gets the rebound or the offense scores. No matter what happens Player 1 then rolls the ball out to Player 3 and those two play 1-on-1. Player 1 needs to get a defensive stop against each player before everyone rotates.

  • All players rotates one space and now Player 4 works to get 3 defensive stops.