Duke Baseline Run Side PNR - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

In this play, Grayson Allen runs the baseline as Plumlee sets a ball-screen for Tyus Jones. Jones takes the ball-screen into the middle of the floor as Plumlee rolls to the basket. In the game, Jones hit Plumlee on the roll and all 5 Wisconsin Badgers collapsed into the post. Allen cut up from the corner and was sitting wide open for a 3-point shot. 

  • Basketball Play - Duke Baseline Run Side PNR
  • Basketball Play - Duke Baseline Run Side PNR
  • 1 dribbles off of a pick-and-roll towards the center of the floor.


    4 moves out to screen for 2.


    In this option, 2 continues to the corner since 1 is driving middle.


    3 runs the baseline to the right corner.


    1 looks to pass to 5 on the roll.

  • In the game, all 5 defenders collapsed on the post entry leaving 3 open on the perimeter for a 3 point shot.