Dallas Mavericks Stack BLOB - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

With a fresh shot clock, Dallas Mavericks ran this BLOB Stack play against the Phoenix Suns... Charlie Villanueva made the catch shoot three in the strong side corner.

  • Basketball Play - Dallas Mavericks Stack BLOB
  • Basketball Play - Dallas Mavericks Stack BLOB
  • 5 cuts and receives pass from 3. As 5 catches, 1 cuts to the 45 and then 5 passes to 1.

  • 2 clears through to weak side corner.

    3 cuts to the top of the arch (acts as blur/brush screen for 4).

    After passing to 1, 5 sets flat screen for 4. 4 uses screen from 5 and cuts to the strong side corner for catch and shoot three.