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About This Play/Drill

This play was used eary in the game against Robert Morris and resulted in a foul down low as Okafor went up for a shot off of the hi/lo pass. Coach K does a great job creating an overload that forces Robert Morris to spread out and leave 1 defender on Okafor under the basket. Okafor seals the middle man in the zone and looks for the pass over the top. In the game, x4 could have helped on the lob pass but was stuck anticipating that the ball would be pass to Tyus Jones for a 3-point shot. 

  • Basketball Play - Duke Zone Over the Top
  • Basketball Play - Duke Zone Over the Top
  • Basketball Play - Duke Zone Over the Top
  • 1 passes to 2 then moves over to the left side of the floor.


    3 cuts to the ball-side corner.


    4 moves towards the top of the key.

  • With 3 in the corner, x3 has to bump to the corner with x2 taking the ball on the wing.

  • 2 passes to 4 at the top of the key forcing x1 to take the ball.


    x4 now has to make a decision and either guard 5 at the basket or 1 on the perimeter.


    In the game, 1 stays stuck near the lane line leaving an open passing lane over the top of the defense from 4 to 5.