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About This Play/Drill

This play was used by Duke with 15:31 left in the 2nd half against Gonzaga when Duke was down by 2 points. The play uses a pick-the-picker action to get Winslow the ball on the wing for an open shot. In the game, Winslow made a good shot fake and drove to the basket for a lay-up. The most important part of this play was a good screen set by Winslow forcing his man to help on the initial cut. Once he pops to the wing, Winslow's defender is stuck on the other side of Plumlee. 

  • Basketball Play - Duke BLOB PTP Triangle
  • Basketball Play - Duke BLOB PTP Triangle
  • 5 and 3 move towards 4 and set a screen for 4 to choose which direction he wants to go.


    4 fakes left then cuts to the block off of 3's screen.

  • 5 screens for 3 who cuts to the wing.


    1 passes to 3 for a shot.