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About This Play/Drill

Kansas ran this play in the second half against New Mexico State. The play uses a dribble entry from Mason (1) from left to right. The dribble pushes Oubre (3) to the corner and sends Seldon (2) into the lane and back out to the perimeter. Mason passes to Seldon shifting the defense towards the ball. Oubre sneaks in behind the defense as 4 and 5 screen the bottom zone defenders. In the game, Seldon made the lob pass to Oubre with Oubre missing the dunk, but a good idea by Bill Self. 

  • Basketball Play - Kansas Zone Lob
  • Basketball Play - Kansas Zone Lob
  • 1 dribbles from left to right pushing 3 to the corner.


    2 cuts around 4 and back out to the perimeter.

  • 1 passes to 2.


    5 and 4 screen the bottom defenders in the zone.


    2 makes the lob pass to 3 for a dunk.