Cyclone Drag - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

In this early offense play from ISU, the Cylones set a drag screen with Niang at the right lane line. The point guard dribbles to the middle off of the ball-screen as Niang rolls to the basket and the 5 man completes a "short roll" to the opposite block. Hoiberg likes to utilize this short roll instead of a roll/replace action to put both of his post players near the basket for a dump down pass. If 1 doesn't have a shot, he looks to pass off to 4, 5, or hit 3 in the corner for a 3-point shot. 

  • Basketball Play - Cyclone Drag
  • Basketball Play - Cyclone Drag
  • 1 dribbles up the right side of the floor as 4 (Niang) moves in to set a drag screen.


    5 moves to the opposite block as 1 dribbles off of the ball-screen.


    4 rolls to the basket.

  • If 1 doesn't have a shot and 4 isn't open, 1 looks to hit 5 on the "short roll" or pass to 3 in the corner for a 3-point shot.