Ole Miss Curl Roll-Replace - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Ole Miss ran this action in the first half of their First Round NCAA game against BYU. The pindown/catch and shoot action in this play is a decoy for the 5 to create seperation from his defender to set a high ballscreen. As 5's defender is late and can only Zone the ballscreen rather than Showing, the replace action by the 4 leaves 4's defender as the only option to bump the 5 when he rolls out of the screen. Depending on how the defense reacts, there are a number of different scoring options here for the 1, 4, and 5. In this game, Ole Miss PG Summers attacked the paint, drew the defense in, and dumped the ball off to the 5 for a foul at the basket.

  • Basketball Play - Ole Miss Curl Roll-Replace
  • Basketball Play - Ole Miss Curl Roll-Replace
  • 3 curls off pindown from 5. 2 runs off baseline screen from 5 to corner.

  • 5 circles up into a middle p/r with 1. 4 slides underneath and then replaces high on 5's roll.