Dartmouth: Diamond - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Here is the baseline out of bounds play that Dartmouth ran with 1.9 seconds left to beat Yale 59 to 58 on Saturday March 7, 2015.  Dartmouth was down 1 at the time and scored on the lob to 5 who caught the ball and made the layup for an and 1 to win the game.  A three for 1 on the wing is also a good option off of this action if you need a three.

  • Basketball Play - Dartmouth: Diamond
  • Basketball Play - Dartmouth: Diamond
  • Frame 1

- 4 fakes a screen for 2

- 2 takes a step up like he is going to use 4's screen and then sprints to set a screen for 1

- 1 cuts off 4's screen to the paint

  • Frame 2

- 2 head hunts 5's man for a screen

- 4 sets a screen for 1 and spaces to the three point line

- 1 curls off 4's screen to the wing

- 5 curls to the paint off of 2's screen

- 3 lobs the ball to the front of the rim for 5